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Everything You Need To Know About Richard Spencer And His Move to Washington D.C.

Note from RMAF: Defend the Richard Spencer Puncher! Please donate to the preemptive legal and medical fund being undertaken by Antifa Philadelphia.

Originally published to It’s Going Down:

Most antifascists are probably aware at this point that Richard Spencer has moved to the Washington D.C. area with big plans to lobby for white nationalist causes and create a homebase for his new web-project “” Presumably, then, he has left his congressional aspirations in Montana behind in the wake of Andrew Anglin’s failed armed march against the Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana. (Too bad, we were really looking forward to watching Spencer waste all that time and money!) We wish to relay all the info we have as to his probable location in Alexandria, with enough transparency as to not instill any more confidence in the information than we ourselves have. Do your research and stay diligent.

The Washington Post reported that people in Old Towne Alexandria who are angry that Spencer is setting up shop in their neighborhood were posting fliers “around King and S Patrick.” Other neighbors posted on a forum that Richard Spencer is living at 1001 King Street, in a townhome above the business “Blueprint Chocolatiers.” This information was corroborated by an article on Alexandria News.

The owner of the property is Mahwash Wasiq (verifiable through property records), who is Senior Water Resource Specialist for the World Bank. Our assumption would be that Spencer likely didn’t lease directly from the owner, but through an unwitting rental company. Regardless, we think it is more than fair to put pressure on the owner and leasing company to do everything they can to keep any more white nationalists from lobbying their causes to the racist Trump administration.

In the wake of a viral video of Richard Spencer getting punched in the face, Spencer was quoted by the New York Times as saying: “I don’t think I could go out to an inauguration event without bodyguards or a protest or a conference. I am more worried about going out to dinner on an average Tuesday because these kind of people are roaming around.” He also said “I’m afraid this is going to become the meme to end all memes. That I’m going to hate watching this.”

Naturally, we think this means that now is the time to apply pressure. Richie, you might be a totally incompetent fucking nazi and a shitty excuse for an academic, but you’ve got one thing right: Antifa are everywhere, and we WILL find you. Wherever you go, from small towns in Montana to suburbs of the nation’s capitol, you will see that the resistance to white supremacy is growing.

Additional info on Spencer:

Richard Spencer is likely operating out of 1001 King Street (Unit A), Alexandria Virginia in a second-floor townhome above the business there.

Montana Address: 98 Elk Highlands Dr, Whitefish MT 59937
Washington Summit Publishers’ number is: 406-356-6597
NPI’s “address” is: P.O. Box 1676 Whitefish MT 59937’s “address” is: P.O. Box 100563, Arlington VA 22210

501c3 Information:
EIN: 52-1259838

Tax Preparer for past tax returns:
Mark Bryant CPA
1755 The Exchange
Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 678-903-5120

(report to

Sites hosted by Tucows/Registered through
(report to; 1-866-731-6556)

Report Here

Registered through Contact Privacy, a service that hides information about domain owners:
(report to;

Registered Through Domains By Proxy:
(report to;

Shout out to the brave anti-fascist who was shot in Seattle! Get well soon. (Those wishing to donate to their medical costs can do so at here.)

Defend the Richard Spencer Puncher!

Originally posted by Philly Antifa:

Preemptive legal and medical fund being undertaken by Antifa Philadelphia.

Neonazi Richard Spencer took a sucker punch heard around the world, for many people brightening an otherwise terrifying inauguration day. Richard Spencer has twice tweeted that on Saturday he filed a police report and fascist group wesearchr is fundraising a bounty for information on the antifa puncher. Philly Antifa is fundraising for the legal defense (if found and charged) or the health care costs (if attacked) of the puncher. We do not know who the puncher is nor are in touch with them, however we have years of experience raising legal defense for militant antifascists and are committed to distributing the funds to anyone accused if and when they are needed.

Spencer was punched while being recorded by an Australian media outlet and live streamers, and his violent calls for genocide have been given widespread coverage by Politico, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, NBC, and loads of other press, allowing neonazi movements to recruit and grow. These outlets have ignored militant antifascist responses, and given voice to the type of vile ideology that both organizes and heightens racist, homophobic, transphobic, and far-right violence from both fascists in the streets and state actors. The far right murder people for no reason other than their race, faith, gender identity, national status, etc.

We are calling on everyone to share this donation call to who has made a meme or enjoyed this act of militant resistance. We are also calling on anyone profiting directly from the imagery of the punch to set some money aside for this fund.

If charges are not made or no one’s safety is compromised because of their alleged involvement, the funds will go to general legal defense for antifascists.

All donations coming thru from now on will go to said fund.


Good luck and stay safe.
¡No pasarán!
-Philly Antifa

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Memorial Fund Launched: Help us Honor Michael Israel, Fallen YPG Volunteer

Update from Sacramento Antifa: Thanks to Rojava Solidarity NYC we now have t-shirts, books, stickers, and tote bags available to support Michael Israel's memorial fund! More info here.

On November 24th, 2016, beloved community organizer and committed antifascist Michael Israel was killed serving the People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria. Michael was from Motherlode California, and was on his second tour in Syria as part of an effort to fight fascist powers there, including ISIS- he planned on staying for several months as an international volunteer before returning home. He died alongside fellow international brigade member Anton Leschek and several Kurdish YPG defenders after being targeted by Turkish airstrikes in western Manbij. He was just 27 years old. The community that Michael left behind is a broad one- in addition to his volunteer work in Rojava, Michael was also involved throughout the years in local groups such as the Motherlode Progressives, Occupy Sacramento, Sacramento IWW, the Anti-War Movement, SEIU, and the Democratic Socialists of America. He was a shining example of virtue in his community, and a comrade to many. His friends and family grieve him deeply, and remember him tenderly. Michael was hell-bent on changing the world for the better, and hell-bent on giving back more than he took at the end of the day. Though his time was short, his success is evident in the impact he made on those around him and the causes he was dedicated to. We, like much of the Sacramento radical community, have been deeply affected by Michael's passing. In honor of him and in support of his family, Antifa Sacramento has taken on the work of putting together a memorial fundraiser. At his family's request, all funds left over from memorial expenses will be donated to the Kurdish struggle in Rojava that Michael so selflessly sacrificed for. May he rest in power, and may his contribution and character never be forgotten.

You honor us, and now we honor you.

Donate Here!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nazis at 1415 Ogden Street, Denver CO

Has anyone hanging around Ogden and Colfax noticed how it smells like rotten mayonnaise? Trust your sense of smell, it will lead to the front porch of 1415 Ogden St. A neo-nazi nest of sloppy drunks who regularly harass, intimidate, and sometimes attack people walking by. This summer they were frequently seen throwing BBQs that blocked the entire sidewalk in front of their house. Businesses in the area have also had negative interactions with this same crew. Getting ran out of Lions Lair, Streets of London, and Tooey's, in addition to reported attacks on the homeless, have made "the nazi house on Ogden" a growing subject of conversation for many Colfax regulars. Put simply, everyone is sick of their nazi shit, and so are we.

Until recently, they've been seen at all hours of the day and night drinking on the front porch in numbers ranging from 4 to 20+ people. This doesn't necessarily mean they're that popular, it's because they invite random people off the street to hang out. It could literally be anyone! They wouldn't even know because they lack even the simplest security measures. The spool of information they're willing to hand out as the night gets more belligerent is astonishing. ;)

William Scott Planer (left) and Shane “Choppy” McCampbell (right) have been confirmed as the attackers described in this post.  Planer is pictured with a shirt that says “anti-antifa,” and a Thor’s Hammer necklace (a symbol often co-opted by Hammerskins and other neo-nazis). We recently posted an article with details on his involvement in the riots in Sacramento California.  To recap, he can be seen in footage from the riots hitting a woman over the head with a pole.

Choppy can be found walking to Paul's Liquor just a couple blocks away, or the outdoor patio of Streets of London, or getting drunk on his porch. He is easily identified by his many neo-nazi tattoos, including a nazi celtic cross, a swastika, and a brown-shirt emblem on his left arm. He also has a small tattoo on his left cheek, and an easily-identifiable chaos symbol (eight arrows diverging from a point) on his scalp.

"...and I want my scalps"

Aside from the incident above, where nazis attacked a person for “looking Jewish,” there is a growing list of disorganized racially-motivated attacks in the area around Ogden and Colfax:

A Black homeless man who hangs out in the area got into a fist-fight with a neo-nazi after the nazi threw racial slurs at him. A group of nazis in the area caught ire when they did a nazi “Sieg-Heil” salute to mock a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Colfax Avenue. Others in the punk scene recently reported having Choppy and company harass them with homophobic slurs and then pulled a knife on them near a bar off Colfax. A trans woman's car was vandalized with transphobic slurs and a swastika in that same neighborhood, garnering national attention in the flurry of hate-crimes following the election of Donald Trump. An Indian woman was beat with a bat and her head stomped by racists in Cap Hill Friday November 18th 2016. "Heil Trump" graffiti and swastikas were also reported on residences and businesses in the area. Earlier this year, William and Choppy also showed up with a crew to an Anti-Flag/Leftover Crack show with the aim of jumping someone.  Before this incident, Choppy also threatened volunteers at the 7th Circle Music Collective for not allowing nazis in their venue.

While we can't definitively confirm that they are responsible for every one of these attacks, we think it is worth considering that a slew of racially-motivated attacks began after they moved into the area. It seems an enormous community in Cap Hill and the greater Denver area are looking for retribution on the nazis at 1415 Ogden St.

Though the nazi activity out of 1415 Ogden has come to the attention of many after this particular slew of attacks, Shane "Choppy" McCampbell came onto our radar sometime around 2007-08 when he was hanging out in Austin TX.  At the time lil chop chop was head over heels for a local nazi punk by the name "Lefty" (isn't that ironic...). Lefty was well known in the Austin street punk scene for stabbing punks at shows and booting women in the face with his steel toes. Choppy boy was heavily influenced by Lefty. He looked up to him and wanted to be a bag of shit just like him, so he took up nazism and violently attacking women.

After Shane hit the road, there were numerous rumors and stories of train kids kicking his ass. Out of every white supremacist we've encountered, Choppy has the highest running tally for receiving ass beatings. (Choppy's number one!! Choppy's number one!!) The stories go on and on. Probably his worst idea was traveling to Las Vegas with Wyatt Apodaca for Punk Rock Bowling, an event organized by punks who don't tolerate that nazi shit. Choppy has been beat up or chased out of almost everywhere. In Denver alone he's been smashed multiple times.

Choppy Info:

    1415 Ogden Street, Denver CO

Last known workplace:
    G&H Electric, 4305 Harlan Street, Wheat Ridge CO 80033
    Also appears to do freelance work for his landlord.

Social Media:

Last known phone numbers:
    old?: 720-907-5033
    current: 720-451-6166

Choppy’s romantic partner is Mackenzie Jackson, who also lives at 1415 Ogden Street. In her own words: “well according to a bunch of people I'm a loony white power chick liar pants so it's probs best not to believe me...” Apparently it’s a surprise to her that people think someone dating a guy who is covered in literal nazi tattoos and committing hate crimes is a “loony white power chick.”

Mackenzie Info:

    1415 Ogden Street, Denver CO

Social Media:

Last known phone number:

Shane’s mom is Shawna Arnott. We were surprised to find out that despite her innocuous appearance, she married neo-nazi David Arnott on December 14th, 2012. Like Choppy, David Arnott has also made the poor life decision to cover his body in poorly-drawn white nationalist tattoos, and works at G&H Electric. It looks like he had a stroke last year at the old age of 38.  A gofundme that was set up to help cover his medical expenses managed to raise a whopping $850, falling $14,150 short of their $15,000 goal.  It looks like antifa has something in common with Arnott’s family and friends--we also wouldn’t give a fuck if he died!

David Arnott Info:

    10635 Logan Court, Northglenn, Colorado 80233

    G&H Electric, 4305 Harlan Street, Wheat Ridge CO 80033

Social Media: -Shawna Arnott - David Arnott

Pathetic gofundme:

Never forget how unloved you are, David.

Choppy seems to be the core column of the 1415 Ogden house. It has been said that he "took over." It's hard to gauge the number of people actually living there with their friends--many of which appear to be minors--hanging out for days at time. Regardless, Choppy is only one piece of the pie, and a few notable others are:

1) Wyatt Apodaca:

Wyatt has been living in Albuquerque with his daddy while he finishes a six month probation sentence (which stems from an incident on the 16th Street Mall here in Denver). He plans to move back to Denver when it's over. He recently paid a short visit for his 19th birthday. The Ogden house wreaked of BO and fascists for the trips duration. You can follow his Facebook for live coverage of his evolving "Anti-Antifa" views and taste for white supremacist music.

Wyatt info:

2) Kyle Atwell:

Kyle is a member of the Nationalist band Total Annihilation, who played at NYC Oi fest, the largest nazi gathering in years. He also plays in the band 4 Minute Warning, who have been getting dropped from shows ever since he was exposed as a neo-nazi previous article. Even if you haven't read the article, his closet full of Skrewdriver apparel says enough.

3) Sam "Cry Baby"  Zimmerman:

4) Jimi Yamamoto:

Jimi Yamamoto and Ed (Bound for Glory)

Jimi probably feels ashamed to be hanging out with these idiots who don't carry the torch of the working class, but endures it to stay relevant to Wyatt, his only friend. It must be painful. Jimi was featured in a previous article with Kyle, resulting in indignant street punks tripping over each other to sympathize for Jimi and convince us that they weren't true fascists. Even though he literally said NOTHING to deny it, and his interviews and lyrics speak for themselves. We wonder if more info on how he keeps company with nazis will have an effect on the level of denial surrounding Jimi and TA. Guess what losers, Total Annihilation still fucking sucks. Always have, always will.

This doesn't include every problematic fascist who hangs out at 1415 Ogden St. but is just a short summary of those who went out of their way to jump on our radar. Except for Shane "Choppy" McCampbell, the village idiot who couldn't hide himself in a corn field.

Barbara Hansen

It appears that his landlord, Barbara Hansen, is at least somewhat familiar with him, and has hired him to do electrical work on the building. It's been revealed to us that he also contracts work to the underage kids who he lures under his influence with booze, getting them drunk on the job as they do maintenance work that they are already horrendously under-qualified to be doing in the first place. We believe that as a threat to the Capitol Hill community, and as a tenant involved in hate crimes right outside of the home, it would be in the best interest of Barbara Hansen to evict these boneheads from 1415 Ogden Street. Also, if you're reading this Barbara, please note that Shane McCampbell's electrical license status is still listed as "pending" by the state of Colorado, meaning he isn't yet a licensed electrician.

On December 5, 2016, CBS put out an article about fliers circulating that warned people in the community about Shane McCampbell and William Planer. While Rocky Mountain Antifa claims no responsibility for these fliers, we're excited to see that people in Cap Hill have been proactive to warn their neighbors of the danger these nazis represent to their community.

We would like to address the point in the article where Shane claims that he does "work to help the homeless."  To clarify, he "helps" his nazi sympathizing underage friends by providing them a place to stay and employing them to do work on Barbara Hansen's property. Choppy seems to have adopted a classic method that white supremacist gangs have developed to indoctrinate teens into their hateful ideologies. Meanwhile, homeless people on Colfax have reported that nazis in the area have attacked them with racial slurs, and sometimes acts of violence.

"OMG Chocolate Milk is AMAZING" - Shane McCampbell

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Report back from 3rd Annual TORCH Antifa Conference

Rocky Mountain Antifa is pleased to announce the success of the 3rd annual TORCH Antifa Network Conference! TORCH is a network of various antifascist groups working autonomously. We come together to share resources, information, and strategy. Our purpose is to oppose and fight all formations of fascism. We confront neo-nazis, anti-migrant, anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice, anti-Muslim, the KKK, Trump supporters, the Alt-right, and more. Such groups and individuals have never been a minor issue. Although it was only a year ago when many fascists were hiding, they still contributed and promoted violence against women, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQs, and social justice activists. Groups like Blood and Honour, Ku Klux Klan, Keystone State Skinheads, Golden State Skinheads, and the American Freedom Party continue to pop on our radar. In addition, new objects have appeared such as the Traditionalist Workers Party, Soldiers of Odin, Identity Evropa, and far-right militias such as Oath Keepers and Three Percent Patriots. With the state and mainstream media jumping at the chance to amplify their bigotry, the rising movement of fascism is not a joke. It's not a bad dream, bad movie, or section of a political science book. This is real.

On Friday Nov. 11th, TORCH chapters gathered in Denver to discuss the network and upcoming goals/strategies. In attendance were Rocky Mountain Antifa, Philly Antifa, WNC Antifa, Los Angeles People Against Racist Terror (PART)/ARA-LA, and South Side Chicago ARA.

Then on Saturday Nov. 12th, a much larger crowd gathered for the semi-public portion of the conference. Attendance comprised of groups and individuals from:

Los Angeles
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Bay Area

The larger event kicked off with a speaking panel on Four Tasks for Confronting Contemporary Fascism:
  • confronting machismo
  • defense ideas and strategy
  • counter recruitment to undermine white supremacy
  • identifying our allies and connecting struggles

After a 20 minute break we regrouped for a workshop on antifascist prisoner organizing. Finally, we ended with a facilitated discussion on Alt-right formations, strategies and tactics for moving forward, collective resources and implementation, and a go around of the efforts in our different regions. The conference was a huge success, and with no disruptions from the enemy.

We want to take a moment to answer the question of "What happened to TORCH?" We assure everyone that we are still here and still fighting fascism in the streets and on the Internet. The TORCH network is not going anywhere. If you noticed the website was down, it was because of technical issues with the server. These problems are being resolved as we speak and we will soon be re-launching our twitter account. The network has expanded over the weekend and we are expecting much greater numbers by this time next year. The tactics of TORCH have been effective for us and many others. We will continue to neutralize the efforts of fascist organizing and recruitment. Under a Trump regime we cannot fall short of our goals. For more information on our analysis of fascism and our points of unity, as well as contact info for our chapters, go to We have a lot of work to do. We intend to win!

The Trump Regime:

For years antifascists warned the world of nationalist formations and their influence in politics and mainstream media. Since the inception of the Trump campaign, we warned everyone of the seriousness of this man, the consequences of his presidency, as well as the uselessness of voting in electoral politics. We demanded ACTION to stop fascists from taking power. When we took actions ourselves, we were smeared by many on the liberal left. Perhaps the most notable example was the June 26th action in Sacramento to shut down the neo-nazi rally organized by Matt Heimbach. The aftermath was a sea of liberals defending the neo-nazis and shaming Antifa. Then on Tuesday November 8th, 2016, a fascist manipulated his way into office, changing things forever. Unsurprisingly, Antifa hasn't seen as much of the character assassination we saw just a short time ago. The shift is massive.

In light of the emergency protests erupting across the country, in enormous numbers, it seems many have finally acknowledged the grim reality we warned about. Social media is blowing up with encouragement to join your local Antifa groups. What does this mean for Antifa? It means our role has increased drastically. We are more than local crews combating local fascists. We are essentially tasked with building resistance to a fascist regime. For those of us who saw this coming as well as those who are just waking up, we need to recognize our significance at this moment. All social movement organizing is now antifascist organizing. We are at a pivotal point in the outcome of this overwhelming shit show. Mistakes made now are more detrimental than ever. Every step needs to note the masses of people looking at us for an idea of what to do.

We call on antifascists everywhere to be bold moving forward. If you haven't already, join your local Antifa group or start a new one. If starting a new one, pick your most trusted people and develop a secure strategy for recruiting more. Consider that Trump plans to immediately deport up to 3 million people. This means that 3 million friends, family, allies, accomplices, comrades, and community members need backup. Develop community-based coalitions and create local defense networks to resist raids and deportation. Secure your communications with Tor, Signal, TailsGNU Privacy Guard (GPG), Full Disk Encryption, and read the limitations of each. Seek firearms and self defense training and share skills with everyone around you. Stock up on medical supplies, emergency contraceptives, and hormones. Stay together, support one another, and keep fighting.

There has been a call for a mass convergence in Washington D.C. to disrupt the inauguration of Trump. The TORCH Network endorses this action with several other organizations. We encourage all who reject domination and oppression to be there.


Rocky Mountain Antifa and the TORCH Antifa Network

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
More info about #DisruptJ20:


#DisruptJ20: Call for a Bold Mobilization Against the Inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017

On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States. We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over. It must be made clear to the whole world that the vast majority of people in the United States do not support his presidency or consent to his rule.

Trump stands for tyranny, greed, and misogyny. He is the champion of neo-nazis and white Nationalists, of the police who kill the Black, Brown and poor on a daily basis, of racist border agents and sadistic prison guards, of the FBI and NSA who tap your phone and read your email. He is the harbinger of even more climate catastrophe, deportation, discrimination, and endless war. He continues to deny the existence of climate change, in spite of all the evidence, putting the future of the whole human race at stake. The KKK, Vladimir Putin, Golden Dawn, and the Islamic State all cheered his victory. If we let his inauguration go unchallenged, we are opening the door to the future they envision.

Trump’s success confirms the bankruptcy of representative democracy. Rather than using the democratic process as an alibi for inaction, we must show that no election could legitimize his agenda. Neither the Democrats nor any other political party or politician will save us—they just offer a weaker version of the same thing. If there is going to be positive change in this society, we have to make it ourselves, together, through direct action.

From day one, the Trump presidency will be a disaster. #DisruptJ20 will be the start of the resistance. We must take to the streets and protest, blockade, disrupt, intervene, sit in, walk out, rise up, and make more noise and good trouble than the establishment can bear. The parade must be stopped. We must delegitimize Trump and all he represents. It’s time to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that sustains us as if our lives depend on it—because they do.

In Washington, DC

DC will not be hospitable to the Trump administration. Every corporation must openly declare whether they side with him or with the people who will suffer at his hands. Thousands will converge and demonstrate resistance to the Trump regime. Save the date. A website will appear shortly with more details. #DisruptJ20


Around the US

If you can’t make it to Washington, DC on January 20, take to the streets wherever you are. We call on our comrades to organize demonstrations and other actions for the night of January 20. There is also a call for a general strike to take place. Organize a walkout at your school now. Workers: call out sick and take the day off. No work, no school, no shopping, no housework. #DisruptJ20

Around the World

If you are living outside the US, you can take action at US embassies, borders, or other symbols of neocolonial power. Our allegiance is not to “making America great again,” but to all of humanity and the planet. #DisruptJ20

Spread the word. Join the fight. #DisruptJ20


CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective
It’s Going Down
Earth First! Journal
AK Press
PM Press
Indigenous Action
New York Anarchist Action
The Base
NYC Anarchist Black Cross
Pittsburgh Autonomous Student Network
Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition
NightShade Pittsburgh
Pitt Against Debt
Pitt Students for a Democratic Society
Steel City (A) Team
Antifa Seven Hills
WNC Antifa
Asheville Anti-Racism
Black Rose Book Distro St. Louis
Resonance: An anarchist audio distro
Rose City Antifa
Torch Antifa Network
Central Oklahoma Black/Red Alliance (COBRA)
Sprout Distro
New Wave Army
Puget Sound Anarchist Black Cross
Four Corners Antifa
Chicago Anarchist Black Cross
NYC Anarchist Book Fair
Autonomous Actions Against Prisons—Seattle
Antifa United
Denver Anarchist Black Cross
Loughborough Labour Party
Words as Weapons
Stinney Distro
The Roosevelt Group
LeftSec/AnonAnarchistAction – i2p Darknet anarchohacker collective
Hispagatos – International hacking collective
Maryland Food Collective
Shades of Silence
Wildfire Anarchist Prison Newsletter
Students Without Borders
Solidarity Houston
South Florida Smash HLS
Students Against State Violence
Bloomington Solidarity Network
Anarquismo en PDF
Burning River Anarchist Distro
Lehigh Valley Vanguard
Rocky Mountain Antifa
Hudson Valley Anarchist Network
Proletarian Liberation Front
Agência de Notícias Anarquistas-ANA (Brazil)
Morgantown Ultra Left Network
New Brunswickers against Fracking

If you endorse this call, sign your name at the bottom of this list and circulate it. Email to be included in the above list.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sacramento Nazis in Colorado

William Scott Planer

On June 26, 2016, a fascist alliance made up of Golden State Skinheads--a white nationalist Hammerskin gang in California, and the Traditionalist Workers' Party--a white nationalist separatist group lead by Matthew Heimbach, organized a failed rally on the California Capitol steps in Sacramento.  Heimbach, who organized the rally, is clearly too self-important to risk his own injury, and was therefore nowhere to be found.  However, the neo-nazis from Golden State Skinheads who did try to rally, failed from the start when they were pummeled with bricks. As they began to flee, a riot ensued.

The LA Times and the Anti-Defamation League have both criticized the efforts of anti-fascist counter-demonstrators as providing "free publicity" to the neo-nazis.  We disagree on the grounds that the publicity shows nazis exactly what will happen when they try to organize publicly:

Since the event--where the ultra-tough Hammerskins cowered behind police lines to avoid injury--the neo-nazi gang members of GSS have shown themselves to be more than eager to turn into boot-licking snitches.  Derik Ryan Punneo, dubbed the "Knife Wielding Nazi" for his involvement in the riot, went as far as to start a pro-police campaign in Sacramento.

Our readers would probably like to know that of the 17 nazis who demonstrated on June 26, at least two came from Colorado: Joshua O'Leary and William Scott Planer.

Joshua O'Leary (left) and William Scott Planer (right)
William Scott Planer came to the attention of many in the Denver area when he and Shane "Choppy" McCampbell, another local bonehead nazi, reportedly picked a fight with a couple because a man "looked Jewish."  Despite the claims of Choppy's partner, Mackenzie Jackson, that the couple were "tweakers" and the two nazis were "defending themselves," the couple are actually known and respected people in Denver's community. We won't identify them, but the accusation that they are "tweakers" is altogether laughable.  In the fight, William Planer reportedly hit the man's girlfriend, demonstrating his willingness to commit acts of violence against women.

(TW: assault, violence against women, violence against queer people)
Planer's willingness to assault women is further demonstrated by this video of his involvement in Sacramento, where he can be seen hitting a woman--who was lying on the ground after a previous injury--over the head with a pole. There are also reports that he stabbed another woman later during the incident.


Already a double-felon, Planer moved to Colorado from California in 2013 after his most recent stay in prison.  In 2001, he caught a case after he held someone up with a stun gun to steal a backpack full of weed. In 2003, he was convicted for felony illegal possession of a firearm.  He did another prison sentence in 2010 after being convicted for harboring a felon.  Considering his criminal history, people might find it surprising that he at least wants others to think he has another firearm.

And ~~HONESTLY~~ for being a woman-beating self-described nazi hammerskin, why is it that he posts more selfies than a self-obsessed high schooler?  Also notice how his page claims he went to high school at the "School of Hard Knocks" (weird nazi social media trends?).  In reality, he attended Granite Bay High School in California, and appears to have a somewhat affluent family.

34 Years old. Affiliated with Hammerskins, Golden State Skinheads.
Has been seen driving a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Possible Address:
3100 Running Brook Rd, Elizabeth CO 80107 (with mommy and daddy)

Possible Numbers:

Social Media: "Willhelm Von Panzer" "William Scott"

Court records:

His current or former romantic partner is fellow white-supremacist Justina Ashton Thatcher, aka “Jay Ashton.”  She posts supportive comments on William’s racist posts, and also follows white supremacist twitter pages, such as Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, the White Advocacy Movement, Kansas White Pride, and many more.

Justina Ashton Thatcher

Born 8/4/89 in Orange County, CA
Drives a 2008 Jeep Compass.

Previous address:
3125 Vail Pass Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80917

Possible current address:
2995 Mirage Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80920

Possible Number:

Social Media:

Joshua O'Leary can be seen in a picture posted by Matthew Heimbach of the Golden State Skinhead crew right before the rally in Sacramento.

He can also be seen on William's facebook doing a sieg heil salute in front of some demonstrators advocating for religious tolerance.

Joshua O'Leary and his wife Kassandra live in Colorado Springs. He spent some time in prison in 2013-2014, perhaps even longer.

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Wife's Facebook:

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Monday, July 11, 2016

The Face Behind MSR Productions: David Daboll

Update 12/8/16: School of Blues Colorado reports that they have removed Daboll from their Meetups after learning the truth about him: "David Daboll has been removed from the School of Blues. We all repudiate his activity in the strongest terms. We never had knowledge of nor participated in his activities. Thank you for the information." -Cameron Craig

Hey sports fans!

Twas the night of the Super Bowl when we gathered to watch the Denver Broncos kick some ass! After just two cases of beer, something special happened. BRONCOS WIN! Our cheers roared with all our neighbors' as we celebrated this special moment in sports history. Like many, we washed the streets in all our joy, unraveling and screaming in the streets. That's right, Super Bowl champs! As the the night grew old and day began to peek through the darkness, the party came to its inevitable end. After winding down we found our selves getting bored again. Oh no, what to do without football? Well fortunately, football isn't the only sport that incites such excitement. There exists another that wields just as much fun. A certain sport that plays all year round. An international sport that knows no borders. A sport we humbly renown as Antifascism. The party is back on!

Ever heard those shitty white pride bands like Screwdriver (Jimi Yamamoto's favorite band), Lightning Rod, or Third Reich? If your ears haven't bled yet from listening to this crap, luck is on your side. The lyrics are atrocious and the music sucks (politics aside, it really fucking sucks). Some antifascists have long pondered about the distribution side of things. Who distributes their merchandise? Where the hell do all these fascist fucks order their stickers, patches, and swastika flags? You know, the ones seen in the background of the all their selfies posted on their Facebook pages. My oh my, wouldn't we just love to find "the stash." Rocky Mountain Antifa is pleased to announce we totally found it!!! Let's delve right in and meet the disgusting face of MSR productions. Meet David Daboll.

A failed musician under the pseudonym David Custer, Daboll started the white nationalist record label in the late 1980's, and subsequently his hideous solo project "David Hess." Daboll has since pooped out even worse garbage under the name Lightning Rod, releasing albums with titles such as "White Liberation," "Aryan Homeland," "Aryan Outlaws in a Zionist Police State," and "More Evil than a Hollywood Jew." MSR productions is Daboll's lasting business, offering gift certificates and discount coupons for Screwdriver albums, nazi flags, t-shirts, DVDs, stickers, books, and CD's.

"We are the oldest and most reliable distributor of racialist musical products in North America." -David Daboll

Don't believe us? Check out MSR Productions for yourself. Look at the variety of "racialist" items that can be purchased.

You're probably wondering, where does Daboll stash all this "racialist" merchandise? A good place to look might just be MSR headquarters at:
6095 W. 49th Place Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(Phone: 303-456-2539).
Yep, the moron distributes white supremacist and nazi propaganda out of his house. If you just so happen to be in the area, your eyes may focus sharply as his garage door opens. It's near impossible to not notice the mound of neatly organized boxes that fill it. It's also hard to look past the silver Saturn SL with Nebraska license plates that swings by on a regular basis to pick up these boxes, sometimes more than once a week. The driver is the same man featured in a photo with Daboll, in the Midgard magazine article about MSR Productions (2016). Hmm, what do we have here? What's inside the boxes that are consistently shipped out of Daboll's garage? The same boxes that some dickweed from Nebraska picks up regularly. You guessed it!

The mystery Nebraska man (standing to the right) couldn't find a pair of clean blue jeans when this photo was taken.

Daboll's house was purchased in 2004. We just can't help but wonder, what do all his neighbors think of him? They probably have no idea about the nazi apparel being sold out of their neighborhood. Good thing antifascists are here to blow the whistle on this nazi fuck bag! We can only imagine how shocking it must be to discover that "the oldest and most reliable distributor of racialist musical products in North America" lives right on your block. Especially since David puts effort into hiding his true identity. He keeps a docile posture, acting as sort of a chameleon hiding in plain sight. As one would think after viewing his unsuspecting activity on Meetup.

Also, you may notice below that Daboll is a member of the facebook group "Dating Single Women Who Love Older Men."  Wow David, subtle.  Well, it looks like one of those younger women who loves older men is trying to fuck with you with this this disgusting youtube video.  (Trigger Warning: Graphic image of this old creep masturbating.) Shame on youtube for hosting this trash.  YOUTUBE, PLEASE TAKE IT DOWN.

In all sincerity,

Fuck David Daboll. Fuck his white nationalist production company. Fuck his being able to blend into the community and play drums for churches without anyone seeming to realize the scumfuck trash he really is. This has gone on for way too long and it's time for business to close. Antifa is everywhere. What does this mean? For Daboll it means that antifascist everywhere are dedicated to putting MSR productions out of business for good. We do not tolerate nazi propaganda in the Rocky Mountain region. We do not tolerate it anywhere. We especially cannot tolerate someone shipping it to cities far and wide. David Daboll is not just our problem, he is everyone's problem. For more than 20 years MSR productions has been supplying your local hate groups with swastika flags, t-shirts, and violent racist music. Shut it down!

The world will be a safer place without MSR and without 70 year old David Daboll. As his health declines our joy gets louder. When his old age finally takes him under, we're going to party harder than when the Broncos won the Super Bowl! His grave will be the site of Antifascist fecal matter for years to come!