Sunday, May 28, 2017

Colorado Nazis To Attend "Proud Boys" Rally in Boulder

Well, the fascists are at it again.

They're "infiltrating" and organizing grassroots Trumpist rallies under the guise of "civic nationalism." While this is nothing new, there's a brand new flavor of diarrhea to add to the shit smoothie, or at least it's a new flavor here in Colorado. So who's responsible for the smell of fresh stool? None other than the Proud Boys.

These shitheads and their fascist allies have called for two events (so far) in June.

One is a "free speech" rally taking place in Boulder on Saturday, June 3rd, at the Pearl Street Mall at 12 PM.

The other is a "march against sharia" on Saturday, June 10th in Denver at the Capitol at 3:30 PM.

We're calling for everyone who wants to stand against white supremacy and defend their community to show up and voice their opposition. We'll be gathering an hour prior to both events at their respective locations. On June 3rd we'll be at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder at 11 AM. On June 10th we'll be at the capitol steps at 2:30 PM.

Still not convinced? Need a little more understanding of just who the Proud Boys and other fascists are that plan on attending these rallies? Sure, here you go:

We'd call the Proud Boys clowns but that would be an insult to respectable clowns everywhere. (WHOOP WHOOP FAM!). Instead I think we'll stick with the diarrhea metaphor. Because the Proud Boys are the liquid yellow diarrhea that no matter how much you wipe, it doesn't go away and leaves your butthole irritated as fuck. They're headed by millionaire and overall total piece of shit Gavin McInnes. McInnes is openly racist, anti-semitic, and misogynist. In addition to all of his other shitty qualities (including his facial hair, c'mon man you look stupid!). This article written by McInnes entitled "I'm Not A Racist, Sexist, or a Homophobe You N*gger Slut F*ggot" speaks for itself. In similar vein to the article, here's a video of him compiling all of his most horrible attributes into one sentence:

Recently, the cultural icon of the Alt-Right, Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman, announced that he was forming a "fraternal order of alt-knights" that exists within the Proud Boys. What is the word for diarrhea within diarrhea? It's like diarrhea inception. A subgenre of diarrhea. Anyhow, that's right, the ultimate of cosplay fanatics has decided to recruit and further enhance his agenda of dressing up like a fucking idiot and attacking protestors with homemade weapons in defense of fascism... only to have his ass handed to him over and over again.

This "fraternal order" operates exactly like such. They have rules and "degrees" upon a hierarchy that are incredibly reminiscent of college fraternity hazing. They even beat the shit out of each other until their newest "pledge" can name five cereals in order to level up to the second degree.

Probably couldn't remember Frosted Flakes. Proud Boys
hate flakes we hear.
Most concerning, however, is not the weird rules about masturbation (seriously? wtf y'all), but instead it's that to achieve the fourth and highest degree, one must brawl with anti-fascists in the streets. In order to "level up," Proud Boys around the country have been organizing "free speech" rallies. These are thinly veiled attempts at baiting anti-fascists into street fights. If you want to fight us, you fucking turds, why don't you just come out and fucking do it instead of hiding behind lines of riot police? It's interesting to note that Proud Boys, FOAK, and straight up run of the mill Nazis all have one enemy in common: anti-fascists. Why is that? Could it be that they are fascists and just refuse to acknowledge that in any meaningful way whatsoever? Why are we even asking this like it's a question. Of course they're fucking fascists. Fascists who tie themselves up with civic nationalists to legitimize their own endeavors. Meanwhile they exist solely to act as a paramilitary group for the Trump administration and this new brand of fascism with neoliberal tendencies (depending on how Trump feels that day). Hmm, sounds a lot like the brown shirts.

But back to the point. As we said, the Proud Boys are hosting a "free speech" rally in Boulder at the ambiguous location of "The Pearl Street Mall". Very specific guys. Normally we wouldn't find it all that shocking that a bunch of racist frat boys decided to walk up and down the shopping mall in Boulder on a Saturday afternoon... Nothing new there, but this "free speech rally" has attracted the Nazi shitheads over at the Daily Stormer, the same fucking idiots we doxxed back in March.

Josh Yeakel is a neo-Nazi who enjoys spending his time advocating for the extermination of homeless people and threatening children on the forums of the Daily Stormer, a neo-nazi website. Fecal Yeakel and his company of whiny crybabies are planning on attending the rally. Mr. Fecal even contributed his own flyer for the event. We know it looks like a bad parody of real Nazi shit, but this dude is serious. Seriously STUPID, that is.

"Goy" is anyone who is not Jewish. It's a term that Neo-Nazis on the internet use to refer to themselves.

So it looks like the Proud Boys are destined once again to violently defend Nazis, giving them a platform and a voice. Fuck that shit. This was never about free speech. It's about defending ourselves and each other against people who actively want to harass, assault, and even kill
members of our community. Just look at the news. It seems like almost every day a new racist murderer comes to the spotlight. A few people come to mind:
The above mentioned are all racist murderers. But they didn't come up with such violent white supremacist ideologies in a vacuum. They learned from others. They listened to racists. Famous racists. They found organizations like NPI (National Policy Institute, Dick Spencer's organization that advocates for a white ethnostate) and the Council of Conservative Citizens. They went to websites like the Daily Stormer, Stormfront, and Iron March. They joined groups on social media like "Alt-Reich: Nation." And we're supposed to let this continue? There is no difference between saying and doing. Saying is doing. When you advocate for genocide, rape, murder, you are doing something. People have died for this. How many more will it take before we recognize "free speech" rallies for what they are? How long before these motherfuckers come for your friend, your neighbor, your loved ones? Before they come for you? How long before nine people are killed during prayer in a church, except this time it isn't in South Carolina, it's right down the street? Are you willing to let that happen?

We're fucking not.

We won't stand by and allow these fascist, white supremacist shitstains to spread hateful rhetoric. We won't let them establish any more of a foothold here in Colorado and we'll stomp on them until every last racist dingleberry fucks off forever. We know who you shitheads are and we're watching you.

We intend to win!

We wrote this article and then immediately learned that yet another name can be added to the list of racist murderers inculcated in the cesspool of Alt-Right culture: Jeremy Joseph Christian. On Friday, May 26th, Christian began to verbally assault and harass two women on public transit, one of whom was wearing a hijab, with racial and anti-Muslim slurs, prompting other passengers to jump up in defense of the women. Christian then attacked those passengers, viciously stabbing three people. Two of those passengers are dead, a third is in critical condition.

Fuckbag who needs to get beat into a coma and never wake up: Jeremy Joseph Christian
This piece of shit wasn't intoxicated or "out of his mind," as the media will attempt to say, but instead he was a violent white supremacist who had been harboring racist ideals for a long time. Besides posting white supremacist garbage on social media, Christian had been showing up at "free speech" rallies just like the ones the Proud Boys call for and organize. At one such rally on the 29th of April, he gave Nazi salutes and called protestors racial slurs. These are the kinds of red flags that we need to watch out for, that we need to confront, that we need to eliminate. They are the precursors to disaster. When the Proud Boys host these "free speech" rallies they are allowing people like Christian to spread his hate, to up his ante, to attack and even murder people. They are responsible and to that end we'll hold them accountable. This shit has to fucking end.

We want to take a moment to honor these heroes, both fallen and surviving. They stood up and did what must be done to confront fascism. Rest In Power Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche. We wish the survivor a speedy recovery. Please send your love and support, and donate here to help pay his hospital bills. Please also donate here to help the families of Best and Namkai Meche.

Monday, May 8, 2017

@Squarespace: Stop Hosting White Supremacists

Squarespace, a popular web hosting service for businesses and creative professionals, is hosting white supremacist/neo-nazi groups: Identity Evropa, Radix Journal, and Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute. Squarespace has been informed of this issue repeatedly by email, but has refused to take the websites down.

Hate websites violate Squarespace's Acceptable Use Policy (section 6.2), forbidding users to “advocate bigotry or hatred against any person or group based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, age or disability.”

Identity Evropa is a white supremacist/neo-nazi “fraternity” for people of “European, non-Semitic heritage.” The group’s website distributes propaganda on “white identity” and “race, evolution, and behavior.”  The group’s physical activism includes spreading fascist-themed fliers on university campuses and holding anti-immigrant rallies that portray people of color as inherently criminal. Identity Evropa’s founder, Nathan Damigo, has committed violent hate crimes against people of color and was recently videotaped punching a woman in the face at a rally.

The National Policy Institute is led by Richard Spencer, a documented neo-nazi. NPI's website distributes “research” on “understanding Jewish influence” and supposed “racial differences in intelligence, personality, and behavior.” Spencer describes immigration as a “proxy war” and argues that white America must “conquer or die.”

Radix Journal is a collection of white supremacist essays. Some speculate about “Eugenic” policies “to flush disloyalty from our gene pool.” Others complain of a “Jewish assault on Europeans” and the failure “to expel the freed slaves from the United States.”

Squarespace has been notified via, that these websites violate their Acceptable Use terms. Squarespace’s continued hosting of these websites constitutes a tacit endorsement of their content.

Squarespace also shares moral responsibility for the violent and threatening activity organized via these websites. Squarespace profits from neo-nazism and white supremacism as long as it retains Identity Evropa, Radix Journal, and the National Policy Institute as customers.


Squarespace must end its business relationships with white supremacists. Tech companies must act in accordance with the principles they claim to support. Until Squarespace enforces its own Acceptable Use policy by REMOVING HATE SITES people of conscience should #BOYCOTTSQUARESPACE. Podcasts and other businesses with a social conscience should not accept Squarespace's ad buys.


- -


Monday, April 17, 2017

Defend Auburn, Alabama Against the White Power Invasion April 18th!

On Saturday, April 15th, students, anti-racists, anti-fascists, and other residents of the Bay Area clashed in the streets of Berkeley, CA against an array of organized white supremacist and far-Right forces. Unlike most events and actions the far-Right has organized in recent past — usually ending in embarrassing failure — this time members of the Right were able to bring out an organized force committed to inflicting violence against our comrades and other community members in a city once thought to be a stronghold for leftist and generally socially tolerant sentiments. Bolstered by what they view as a success, the far-Right is now bragging that if it can take over Berkeley it can do the same in any city.

Now, to add to the gravity of the situation, racist “Alt-Right” leader Richard Spencer and his goons have decided on a show of force in the South, threatening to overrun the campus of Alabama’s Auburn University with white power combatants armed with “safety gear.”

Events began with antisemitic flyers surfacing around Auburn University, promoting the founding of a campus “White Student Union”. Late on the night of Tuesday the 11th, not long after these flyers made headlines, white power leader Richard Spencer announced online that he had booked a room on AU campus for a speaking event which would take place the next
Tuesday, April 18th. Following public uproar, this Friday university officials in consultation with police announced that they had decided to cancel Spencer’s appearance due to “safety concerns”.

Spencer promptly issued a YouTube response asserting that, regardless of the cancellation, he would still show up to the campus with security teams in tow. Spencer has also arranged for other far-right leaders, such as Mike Peinovich of “The Daily Shoah,” to fly into Auburn in
support of Tuesday’s white power rally. Alt-Right chatter online makes clear that this gathering is intended to be a demonstration of power. Racist organizers are doing little to veil their intimidatory and violent intent. In addition, other groups such as “Anti-Communist
Action” have made a firm vow that “shit’s gonna go down” at Auburn on Tuesday, and are organizing their own numbers for this purpose.

We must show up ready for conflict in the numbers necessary to thwart their attempts at silencing us. We must ensure that the voices of those who oppose exterminationist agendas can be heard above those of Richard Spencer and his white nationalist and fascist supporters. A call to action has been issued to mobilize Southern anti-racists to get to Auburn. So far it is endorsed by the following organizations:

Atlanta Antifascists;
Atlanta Resistance Medics;
Athens Antifascists;
General Defense Committee, Atlanta branch;
Atlanta Redneck Revolt;
Anti-fascist News;
Ida B. Wells Coalition;
Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America;
One People’s Project;
Socialist Party of Central Alabama;
Workers’ Solidarity Alliance;
and the Young Dems of GSU.

We will be gathering at Auburn University’s Foy Hall at 6:00pm on April
18th, the same day as Spencer’s event.

This is not simply a matter of pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump. There are committed racists and fascists trying to organize in our cities and our hometowns, in our neighborhoods and at our schools. It is imperative that we come together in our communities, in strength and solidarity, to put an end to their agendas.

We ask that the people of Auburn, Alabama, the Deep South, and beyond take the strongest possible stand against white supremacy on Tuesday.

Follow @no_nazi_auburn and @afainatl for updates.

See you there!


 It's Going Down!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

White Supremacist “Trigger” Tom Sent to Hospital by Chicago Antifa

On the night of April 11th Chicago antifascist activists spotted known white Supremacist “Trigger” Tom Christensen (34) at Delilahs bar located on the Northside of Chicago. Shortly after being seen, a melee ensued between Tom and the local Antifa. Tom was sent sent to the hospital in an ambulance following a lengthy meeting with the business end of several cue sticks and a frantic 911 call from those with him. Unfortunately, two bystanders were injured by Tom during the scuffle. Both are alive and well.

For those who don’t know, Trigger Tom is a violent neo-nazi originally brought to public attention by Rose City Antifa (Portland) while attempting to infiltrate and gather information on local leftist/anarchists. Christensen has made hundreds of posts on the white supremacist forum (see bottom of article) known as under the username “whitepunx”. During his time in Portland he was actively promoting a known neo-nazi organization called Volksfront International. Tom has also claimed responsibility for shooting and paralyzing an Antifa comrade while in Portland. Shortly after being doxed, it became very clear that Tom’s presence would not be tolerated by antifascists in Portland and he was forced to move to Chicago and has been remained on the radar of antifascists. He has done a good job slipping through the cracks, until this past Tuesday.

Since Toms residency in Chicago he has been seen violently attacking women on more than one occasion and is currently involved in “men’s rights activism”. As recently as February, he has associated himself with groups like Proud Boys, supporting a fundraiser for a midwest chapter. Tom has been questioned by friends about his racism but is very good at using manipulative language to paint himself as non-threatening and not racist. Something he was said to be very good at in Portland as well. However, for those who are more perceptive or more knowledgeable in the language of fascism, his true intentions tend to surface.

Tom, second from left, With Proud Boys   

Tom was confronted by Chicago antifascists who believe that neo-nazis are not to be debated with, but rather pushed out of any community or scene. If someone’s beliefs are based of the oppression of others, that belief poses a bigger threat to our society than the discomfort or pain experienced by those who hold them.
So, “Trigger” Tom Christensen, this message is for you. You can spin whatever story you want out of what happened at Delilah’s. You can deflect blame onto other groups all you want, we’re telling you that the reason you got dealt that beating, was we see you and know who you really are. Chicago is no more safer for you than Portland was when you tucked your tail and ran. But, hey, don’t take our word for it, stick around and we’ll have some more fun. Y’know, maybe shoot some more pool sometime.

Antifascist forever!


 South Side Chicago ARA

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Alex Beck: The Irrelevant Turd-Waffle Behind Fascist Honeypot ""

If you're outside of antifa circles, you may not have noticed that, after Trump's inauguration, the far-right began making honeypot websites in a pathetic attempt to doxx antifascists. One such website that garnered attention was "," created by Denver-area nobody Alex Beck. We want to make it clear from the start that Beck has very little of interest to say in regards to pretty much anything. Though he likes to throw around slurs and conduct strange racist demonstrations, his incoherent "libertarian" politics are completely beside the point to us. Antifascists are interested in Alex Beck because he is attempting to track us and our allies and, in doing so, is aiding fascists.

In an article written for Campus Reform, a publication that hired a vocal supporter of a neo-Nazi gang member who burned down a historic Black church as a "journalist," Alex Beck claimed that Antifa painted a Valentine's Day love note on the side of his father's company vehicle.

In the article, Beck claims “Numerous groups and individuals have alleged that I setup as a honeypot to collect ANTIFA information. All of the claims are false ... Truth be told, I didn't even have the means to do this ..." If this were the case we wonder if he could explain this script in's source code that appears to be tracking users:

The code appears to relay information to Google Analytics and Survey Monkey. While Beck may not be able to retrieve the IP addresses of his website's visitors using this software, he can likely retrieve somewhat useful information for doxxing. This probably includes the visitor's internet service provider, approximate location, and possibly even social media information.

For this reason, we encourage everyone to avoid visiting this website altogether. However, if you must, some precautions can help. Use Tor Browser, and make sure you are not logged into any social media on your computer at the time. (A VPN with the same social media precautions will also likely thwart Beck from being able to find out much useful information.) Using Privacy Badger, a tool provided by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, also helps to block trackers like Google Analytics and Survey Monkey.

Currently, this site is basically just a link to another site where Beck complains about antifa with a script running trackers in the background, so we really don't see much of a reason to visit at all. Beck has also recently met with equally-irrelevant shitlord Ivan Throne, a "Men's Rights Activist" who promotes psychopathy and claims to be "more Nazi than [Richard] Spencer." Well Beck, we've been about twenty steps ahead of you this whole time, but if you aren't "done playing," we're happy to make sure you quit playing.

Alex Beck Info:

Phone: 720.301.2784 (possibly changed)
Religion: Catholic
Organization: Young Americans for Liberty, Regis University

Current Residence:
    O'Connell Hall, Regis University
    3333 Regis Blvd (50th Ave), Denver, CO 80221

Permanent addresses (family has two):
    14432 W Center Dr, Lakewood, CO 80228
    505 Church St, Eagle, CO 81631

Previous Address:
    2577 S Coors St, Lakewood, CO 80228

Social Media:

Websites (we strongly discourage visiting):
To Alex:

We hope your life gets significantly harder and lonelier as you descend into the alt-right pit, you pathetic fuck. "Free speech" doesn't mean living without consequences for your words and actions. If you're fighting on the same side as Nazis, you don't get to pretend like you're on the side of liberty. Why don't you do everyone a favor and fuck off already?

"Act like a Nazi, get punched like a Nazi!"
-Rocky Mountain Antifa

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fascists at the Capitol: The Untold Story of Denver's "March 4 Trump"

A short time ago, Chump supporters infected the internet calling for a "March 4 Trump" to take place on March 4th. Considering their president has proven to be completely fucking pathetic, they felt compelled to make him feel better. Interesting fact: the whole idea of doing an action on March 4th (Get it? "March forth") is actually a concept radical leftists thought of years ago in the context of worker solidarity. Despite our desire to call them out for being total posers, a gaggle of squawking Trumpets wouldn't know any of this. Lately, we've been dumbfounded at the idiotic shit these people will actually believe. Provide the most basic evidence or research on any given topic and they're guaranteed to offer a factless, baseless, clueless conspiracy theory compiled entirely from FAKE NEWS! We're actually enjoying the show on this one, especially the George Soros stuff, or their sad attempts at inflating their numbers because Trump didn't think 200 was very impressive.  Maybe an extra 1300 fake Trump supporters who never showed up will make him appreciate you!

The antifascist movement made a call to disrupt and confront these fashy picnics. Even though the "march" was intended for your run of the mill Trump supporter, neo-Nazis from The Daily Stormer decided this was the perfect opportunity for them to go "full fash." They were accompanied by other racist groups, including Soldiers of Odin and Bikers Against Radical Islam.

Cindi Weller Turchik, took the lead roll in organizing the Denver "march." Obviously it was no march at all, much to the chagrin of the participants. Cindi is as bland as any other Trump supporter, and apparently was supportive of known Nazis attending her rally, as long as they weren't "disruptive." Obviously, we disagreed vehemently: In no reality that we exist in are Nazis going to fly their colors unopposed in public. So we decided to forward the call-out to Denver Action Network, a signal boost for various activist collectives in Denver: Mask up, wear all black! No Nazis on our streets!

Thomas James Simon

At around 10:00 a.m., antifascists who'd answered the call began to gather at Civic Center Park, squaring off a couple blocks away but in open view of the "March" 4 Chump. We continued to gain numbers over the next half hour while the cops took their time lining up in front of the Trump supporters. While we waited to confront the psuedo-march, a dipshit identified as Thomas James Simon began to antagonize our group by shoving his phone in faces and lunging towards us with his skateboard. An antifascist promptly introduced his phone to the pavement, effectively ending his career as a "street journalist". He again tried to hit us with his skateboard, but backtracked rather quickly after getting beat with flagpoles and kneed in the head. Honestly, what did he think was going to happen? A DPD bicycle squad rolled up as we took off towards the Capitol steps to go toe-to-toe with the Trump rally, leaving the scene before they could do shit about this loser's assbeating.

Denver's largest black bloc in years chanted loud as we marched across Lincoln Park and up to the police line on Capitol grounds. Cops had already caution-taped a border and threatened protestors with arrest, but we were undeterred and their police tape came down not once, but twice. Up above, all the way on top of the hill, behind three lines of cops, stood a mob of cowards. About half the Trump crowd turned to face us rather than their scheduled speakers. Ha! They tried to talk shit as we continued chanting over them. Eventually, Chump supporters started chanting back with "Antifa, HAHAHA." They seemed to think this would offend us but not only were Trump supporters disrupting their own rally, later we claimed the chant as our own as we burned US and Trump flags alike. Thanks, y'all, think we'll be keeping that one. But wait, it gets better, the scheduled speakers not only lost attention from much of the crowd, they now had to speak over yelling on both sides, as Trump supporters began screaming over bullhorns and blasting a Trump speech over a loud speaker in an unsuccessful attempt to be louder. The best part: they failed to realize they were standing much closer to the scheduled speakers, ultimately doing more to ruin their own rally than drown us out.

Anyways, our readers are probably more concerned with the fascist and racist groups who were in attendance than the incoherent actions of their relatives who only seem to exist when they make embarassing interjections on their facebooks.  As we've mentioned, these groups include Denver's "Daily Stormer Book Club," Soldiers of Odin, and Bikers and Radical Islam.  For the rest of this article we'll cover those groups, as well as a couple individuals who made fools of themselves (such as the internet's Dork Try-Hard Man, Ivan Throne).

Daily Stormer Book Club:

The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi "news" site and forum, founded and operated by Andrew Anglin.  Andrew and the Daily Stormer received national attention this winter when he claimed he was going to host a march "Against the Jews" in the tiny town of Whitefish Montana (home of famed Nazi and human punching-bag Richard Spencer). The march never happened, but the publicity did elevate the Daily Stormer from an ignored corner of the internet to the typical lefty's shitlist.

Locally, Nazis from the Daily Stormer Forum's "Denver Book Club" had been discussing their intentions on attending the rally, but apparently a hundred Antifa (hahaha) were enough to dissuade them from going "full fash." A few still went in their "civic nationalist"/crypto-fascist uniform, but a Nazi looks like a Nazi in any disguise.

Joshua Alexander Yeakel
This fucker in the striped shirt is Joshua Alexander Yeakel.  On the Daily Stormer's forums he goes by K.R.Kroenen,  a reference to a Nazi character in the comic series Hellboy. He was recently pretending to be a better known Denver area Nazi, Shane "Choppy" McCampbell, on the Daily Stormer messageboard in order to goad local antifascists into fucking Choppy up. At the rally, he brought attention to himself when he decided to flip off Unicorn Riot's cameraman and throw up some "Roman salutes", prompting said cameraman to walk over and get a real nice headshot.

Turns out that Joshua used to be involved in the occupy movement and Denver's squatting scene, but after a recent 4-month stay in jail decided to convert to neo-Nazi ideology.  We've heard that he "changes belief-systems like he's changing clothes," but Nazism is low even for a spineless fuck like Josh. Yet, he somehow managed to get even lower by attacking old friends who once helped him though his heroin addiction.  (What a piece of shit, right?)

After the "march," he began enacting his "plan to destroy the radical left" in Denver by posting the names of public reporters and the address of a house that hosts "food not bombs," a group that makes free food for the community. Real easy to use transphobic and racist slurs when you think you're anonymous, huh Josh?

Why do these nazi dipshits even try? We find them every time. Every one of them thinks they're smarter than those who came before. We suspected he wasn't actually Choppy from the start (and were easily able to confirm that he wasn't), because unlike him, we were actually keeping track of Choppy.  However, we would like to thank Josh, because the prospect that Choppy might come made it easy to galvanize the community to turn up against the March 4 Trump.  Thanks for the help you fucking moron!

Josh Yeakel info:

Name: Joshua Alexander Yeakel
Possible Addresses:
    7086 W 16th Place, Lakewood, CO 80214 (probably current)
    9782 Alamo Drive, Northglenn, CO 80260 (old?)
Phone: 910-431-5064
Facebook (deleted):
Myspace (LOL):
Stormer Profile:

This is another Daily Stormer who attended the March 4 Trump with his pal Josh. Here he can be seen wearing a shirt with Thor's hammer, a popular symbol amongst fascists. His username on the Daily Stormer is BarbarossaUSA.  On his youtube channel of the same name, he can be seen posting comments that show support for president Trump and the anti-immigrant group Soldiers of Odin, as well as the typical racist bullshit you'd expect from someone on a neo-Nazi message board.  In one post he mentions that he's catholic, so we can infer that the "Thor's hammer" image on his shirt is meant to convey a white supremacist message, and not an affirmation of his neo-pagan faith. On a related note, we want to give credit where it's due and applaud this kid for sticking to his faith in God despite looking like a child's attempt at drawing a person born on the moon with their non-dominant hand. Everyone in the antifa crowd kept saying "do you see that ugly ass guy with the Thor's hammer shirt?"  I'm surprised the guy from Unicorn Riot managed to be that close without throwing up in his mouth. You're a regular job, and your faith in God despite being unbearable to look at is an inspiration to us all.  (Oh by the way Jesus was Jewish you idiot.)

Speaking of fashy assholes, here's what we know about another Daily Stormer, SurfingRobot, aka Nick Staley:

Nick Staley info:

Name: Nicolas Staley
Stormer Profile:
Steam (I wonder if he likes Nazi Zombies? Why don't you ask him):
Minecraft...? (badass Nazi amirite?):
Work: Ale House on 16th and Central on Friday and Saturday Nights (possibly not up to date). Has formerly worked at Mod Market in Broomfield, and Pierre Michel French Bakery in Highlands Ranch. The book club has also met at the Mod Market in Broomfield.

Possible Addresses:
    1111 E 7th Avenue Cir Broomfield CO, 80020 (current?)
    9412 Burgundy Cir Highlands Ranch, CO, 80126 (probably old)

    CU Denver - Engineering
    Went to ThunderRidge High School in Highlands Ranch, CO

We'll be keeping you posted with updates on Denver's "Daily Stormer Book Club" and Joshua Yeakel's hilarious series of failures, so make sure to check the Rocky Mountain Antifa blog regularly over the next couple of months!

Bikers Against Radical Islam:

A group of bikers who claim to be a "protest group" stood in a line at the top of the hill. They took turns taunting antifascists from such a distance that honestly, we have no idea what the fuck they were saying. At one point a cop walked up to them and they huddled together like they were devising a real game plan. All of us noticed and readied ourselves to go toe-to-toe. Nothing came of it. They didn't do shit, go figure. Don't ask why we gave the benefit of the doubt to a cop-loving group of biker chumps.

In the end, maybe their scheming amounted to the two times that BARI members drove by us on their bikes. How tough! As one of them passed, someone in our crowd blasted them with a makeshift confetti-bomb made from a torn-up Trump sign. The biker pulled over and bucked up to someone he blindly assumed threw it, but Denver PD's gang unit swarmed in to break it up before a crew of antifascists could beat him down. Someone overheard the police radios say "one of them threw confetti at a biker, but we can't figure out which, they're all wearing masks!" Masks! *gasp* Likewise, we have no idea who it was, but we commend their boldness. For those who still don't understand how black bloc is applied as a tactic, this is precisely it.

They get their BARI (Bikers Against Radical Islam) gear from Fukt Shirts, a company run by Todd N. Babette, a fellow member of BARI who even endorses them on his company’s website.

This dude fell straight out of a Motley Crue video.

Fukt Shirts is exactly that, fucked up. Seriously, look at this shirt  ======>

We suspect Bikers Against Radical Islam will likely be around in the future, wanting to stick it to antifascists by showing us how much they love the government. In turn, we'll make sure to keep rolling our eyes and laughing in their faces.

Soldiers of Odin:

This is Jamie Nelson, president of Soldiers of Odin Colorado Division, accompanied by her ugly ass husband Edward Nelson, vice president for the organization. (Where the fuck was Hal Eugene Halvorson?) Jamie and Edward have been trying hard to move forward with this seemingly defunct Soldiers of Odin division.

The founder of Soldiers of Odin, Mika Ranta, was convicted for a racially motivated assault in Finland where he broke the victim's hand. He also has connections to the Scandanavian neo-Nazi movement. Vocativ reports that a member of SOO in the USA, Jacob Laskey, "was convicted of a federal hate crime in 2006 for an attack on an Oregon synagogue" The article goes on to explain, "Several of SOO’s U.S. members are also part of other racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist Movement, which is the country’s premier band of neo-Nazis." Indeed, Edward's "homeboys" include Nazis that ripped off their shirts to show swastika and 88 tattoos whilst being kicked out of a Subhumans show here in Denver.

These dweebs were standing off a distance, attempting to provoke antifascists but all in all, remain as irrelevant as the totality of their pointless lives. Wanna know more about the heinous shit these fuckheads have been up to in Colorado? Check out our separate write up on these losers (to be published soon).


There were plenty of III%ers amidst the Trump crowd, but one loud mouth stood out from the rest. Wearing a tactical vest and army pants, he repeatedly pointed at antifascists while talking into his walkie-talkie, often pulling down his shirt to show us some shitty illegible tattoo whilst yelling profanities. It's easy to talk shit from behind three rows of cops, we guess. At one point he started pointing at a minor and grabbing his crotch repeatedly. Sick fuck.

Ivan Throne:

Lastly, the butt end of all of our jokes, Ivan Throne, also known as the "Dark Triad Man." What the fuck does that mean? It's some sort of weird ubermensch "philosophy" that combines "psychopathy, Machavellianism, and narcissism." Honestly it's hard to talk about Ivan without throwing up a little bit.

Ivan calls Donald Chump a "dark triad man" and refers to him as "the God Emperor." In addition to having wet dreams about Trump, Ivan has a huge crush on Richard Spencer, constantly begging for his attention on social media but never getting it. Why are we talking about Ivan then? It primarily has to do with his constant threats to the left, his claiming "I'm more Nazi than Richard Spencer," and the fact that he made a website entitled "Violent Solutions" that is basically an Antifa snitch platform. When we say snitch, we mean SNITCH! This website does not threaten violence of any kind, it's simply Ivan attempting to compile and send information about Antifa to the FBI. Like many things he says or does, it contradicts the hyper-masculinity he's constantly boasting about.

"I see a head that needs mounting."
Ivan (like all Trump supporters) thought he had a good idea. He walked into a crowd of antifascist protestors with his phone out in an attempt to film us for his only two friends to see online. Flags covered his video feed immediately, and just like Thomas, his phone was smacked out of his hands, hitting the concrete with a satisfying crunch. As he picked up the pieces of his phone, a fist landed cleanly into his face. With a crowd of protestors starting to surround him, he backed up into the police line and asked the cops if he could hide behind them. They hilariously told him no because he had gotten himself into that mess. He snatched one of the flags in his face and handed it to a cop across the police tape, but the frustrated pig immediately gave it back to the antifascists. At some point the cops realized he was about to get his teeth knocked out so they grabbed him out of the crowd, forcing him to vacate the premises and head to his car. Don't worry Ivan, we'll see you again.

What a day. Fascists from every group we expected were in attendance. It was a long few hours of them hiding behind cops while we clenched our fists under layers of black clothing on an unusually hot day in March. Big thanks to the Denver Anarchist Black Cross for offering to do jail support, but fortunately it wasn't needed. We'd also like to thank all those who make the Denver Action Network possible. Their platform appeals to a much wider audience than we're able to reach with our blog alone. We couldn't have done it without them. Cheers! We intend to win.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Richard Spencer And His Move to Washington D.C.

Note from RMAF: Defend the Richard Spencer Puncher! Please donate to the preemptive legal and medical fund being undertaken by Antifa Philadelphia.

Originally published to It’s Going Down:

Most antifascists are probably aware at this point that Richard Spencer has moved to the Washington D.C. area with big plans to lobby for white nationalist causes and create a homebase for his new web-project “” Presumably, then, he has left his congressional aspirations in Montana behind in the wake of Andrew Anglin’s failed armed march against the Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana. (Too bad, we were really looking forward to watching Spencer waste all that time and money!) We wish to relay all the info we have as to his probable location in Alexandria, with enough transparency as to not instill any more confidence in the information than we ourselves have. Do your research and stay diligent.

The Washington Post reported that people in Old Towne Alexandria who are angry that Spencer is setting up shop in their neighborhood were posting fliers “around King and S Patrick.” Other neighbors posted on a forum that Richard Spencer is living at 1001 King Street, in a townhome above the business “Blueprint Chocolatiers.” This information was corroborated by an article on Alexandria News.

The owner of the property is Mahwash Wasiq (verifiable through property records), who is Senior Water Resource Specialist for the World Bank. Our assumption would be that Spencer likely didn’t lease directly from the owner, but through an unwitting rental company. Regardless, we think it is more than fair to put pressure on the owner and leasing company to do everything they can to keep any more white nationalists from lobbying their causes to the racist Trump administration.

In the wake of a viral video of Richard Spencer getting punched in the face, Spencer was quoted by the New York Times as saying: “I don’t think I could go out to an inauguration event without bodyguards or a protest or a conference. I am more worried about going out to dinner on an average Tuesday because these kind of people are roaming around.” He also said “I’m afraid this is going to become the meme to end all memes. That I’m going to hate watching this.”

Naturally, we think this means that now is the time to apply pressure. Richie, you might be a totally incompetent fucking nazi and a shitty excuse for an academic, but you’ve got one thing right: Antifa are everywhere, and we WILL find you. Wherever you go, from small towns in Montana to suburbs of the nation’s capitol, you will see that the resistance to white supremacy is growing.

Additional info on Spencer:

Richard Spencer is likely operating out of 1001 King Street (Unit A), Alexandria Virginia in a second-floor townhome above the business there.

Montana Address: 98 Elk Highlands Dr, Whitefish MT 59937
Washington Summit Publishers’ number is: 406-356-6597
NPI’s “address” is: P.O. Box 1676 Whitefish MT 59937’s “address” is: P.O. Box 100563, Arlington VA 22210

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Shout out to the brave anti-fascist who was shot in Seattle! Get well soon. (Those wishing to donate to their medical costs can do so at here.)