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William Scott Planer and the Total Failure of the Colorado Traditionalist Workers Party

William Scott Planer at the Proud Boy's "free speech" rally in Boulder on June 3rd, 2016. Obvious Nazi is obvious. Fecal in the gray shirt in the back.

Wow, the nazis in Colorado sure have been actively pursuing fucking up their lives recently. It seems like not too long ago when William Scott Planer got put in jail in El Paso County, Colorado on a half a million dollar bail. Oh wait, that was earlier this week.

Sit down and grab a seat, let's start from the beginning.

Our story begins in Sacremento on June 26th, 2016, when anti-fascists clashed with nazi fucks from Golden State Skinheads and Traditionalist Worker's Party. The Traditionalist Worker's Party (TWP) had called for a rally at the state capitol, and Planer was in attendance. He'd traveled with fellow nazi Joshua O'Leary from Colorado Springs, crossing state lines to get back to California, the state from which he hails and had already been convicted of two violent felonies in.

William and Joshua seig heiling in front of anti-war demonstrators. Taken from his facebook.

The events that transpired at Sacramento made national headlines. The rally was particularly violent, with nazis assaulting and even stabbing anti-racist counter-protestors. Last year we wrote an article exposing Planer to the community here in Colorado, detailing his long history of violence/nazism and his more recent involvement with the TWP. In that article we shared a video of him at the rally, which shows him beating a woman with a pole, breaking it over her head and running off. What's interesting is that Planer, a two time felon in California, had moved to Colorado presumably to avoid that third and final felony that would land him in prison for a life sentence. So why travel back to the state you were hoping to avoid to commit more felonies? No idea, honestly. We can't possibly fathom what it takes to be that stupid.

However, after managing to return from this stupid escapade without a "third strike" prison sentence, William seems to have thought, "Why not keep doing these things? There's no way the FBI will notice a twice-convicted violent felon and self-identified neo-nazi traveling all over the country for the express reason of assaulting people.  Yes, I really am this stupid." Okay this isn't quite a direct quote of William's thoughts, but probably pretty damn close, obviously William's thoughts are a lot more incoherent. On the Daily Stormer forum for the Denver area, Planer can be seen describing his travels over the last year to violent nazi demonstrations like the ones in Sacramento, Berkeley, and Pikeville.  He also claims to be "the original stickman" on these forums, presumably in reference to the assault he committed in Sacramento last year. We also have spotted him at local events such as Milo at CU Boulder, the Proud Boys' "Free Speech Rally", and the "March Against Sharia" on June 10th.

So after a year of traveling across the country to hit women with poles for the glory of the white race, it seems that his crimes are catching up to him. He is now being charged with felony "participating in a riot" and "assault with a deadly weapon" for his actions in Sacramento.

The leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Matthew Heimbach, issued a response to the arrest which states that William Planer was "in the right" when he assaulted a woman with a deadly weapon in Sacramento. He even went as far as to say Planer “is a normal, working blue-collar American patriot". We wonder how many "normal American patriots" hang photos of Adolf Hitler in their home like William Planer does? Or how many of them have tattoos of fascist imagery, are members of Nazi gangs, and go on nation wide vacations just to assault people? As blue-collar workers ourselves, we also wonder how many other proletarians have business owning parents with large country estates... Certainly not many.

Fast forward to June 10th, 2017. A national Islamaphobic event entitled a "March Against Sharia" had been called for by the incredibly racist nonprofit, Act for America. Across the nation these events were met with counter protests and demonstrations and Denver was no different. In addition to the usual pieces of shit that populate these events (Bikers Against Radical Islam, III%ers, Oathkeepers, etc.) was the Denver Daily Stormer book club. They made quite the spectacle of it both online and off, calling for "White Sharia" even. Wait, White Sharia? Wasn't this a march against Sharia? Y'all motherfuckers are denser than a neutron star.

Content warning for the image below: sexism, misogyny, abuse, Islamaphobia.

One of the many instances of the Denver DS book club advocating for "white sharia". Fecal is responsible for both making and posting this image.

In addition to talking a bunch of whack shit online, they showed up to the "march" in full cosplay. I'm talking crusader outfits and flags. But none of that is surprising, the Daily Stormer book club is populated with the worst of the worst of the /pol/ "kekistan" variety. You know the ones. The nazis that masturbate to anime in their mom's basement. What is surprising is why William Scott Planer, affiliated with both the TWP and Golden State Skins, would wanna throw down with a bunch of pimply ass teenagers. Especially when they spent the last several months talking shit to him on a website that he could barely even figure out how to navigate. 

Content warning for the image below: racial and homophobic slurs.

William, writing as "Scottstuka88" (a play on "swastika" with an 88 thrown in for good measure... again, obvious nazi is obvious), unsuccessfully tries to impress the nerds on the Daily Stormer.

So the nazis turned up looking like total fools and almost immediately the militia groups recognized them as, *gasp*, Real Full Fledged Nazis and Not The Fake Kind That Everyone Calls Me (tm). What gave it away? The Traditionalist Worker's Party pamphlets? The swastikas? The "white pride" clothing?  (Perhaps even the fact that they outright claim themselves to be nazis?) Hard to say what tipped them off since literally every aspect of their existence screams NAZI at any reasonable person, but that's besides the point. So the "march" goers kicked them out of their rally to make themselves look good for the cameras, pushing them outside the police lines that had been erected between the rally and the counter protestors. So of course a significant chunk of the counter protest went to confront them.

Fecal, Planer, "Aureliuss", and some bonehead after being kicked out of the "march against Sharia" event. Person on far right (no pun intended...) is a random bystander.

A scuffle ensued and the nazis got, ahem, a little roughed up. Needless to say, pouty baby William Planer got freaked out and pulled a knife, carefully hiding it behind his nazi flag. At this point the cops jumped in and detained William, telling him to sit on the ground; he obeyed like a six year old child being scolded by a teacher. After letting him have a good cry (we're not even kidding) behind a line of bike cops, they gave him back his knife and let him go on his way. Joel Geekel (or whatever) also got detained, and rather than be smart and choose to remain silent, he spouted off a bunch of gibberish to the cops for a good while, bragging that he was more important than William Planer and crying about everyone taking William more seriously. So to recap: Nazis pulled knives AT THE STATE CAPITAL, got detained, cried for awhile, and were released. None of this comes as a surprise, but it's worth emphatically stating because WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT. We're sure you know what would happen to one of our team if we had been the one with the knife, but as always, the cops protect the fascists. The cops even tucked his knife back into his back pocket for him. How nice of them. They obviously didn't run William's ID either, because turns out that he has two fugitive warrants to his name. Or they did run his ID and decided to let him go anyways. Neither is surprising. But wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

LOL TIMES A HUNDRED THOUSAND. What a tough nazi, crying on the ground behind a bunch of cops. Antifa, ha ha ha!

Planer had attended the rally in an attempt to "red pill" other right wingers, but only ended up pissing his pants. He was handing out Traditionalist Worker's Party pamphlets, for which he's actively recruiting to bolster his meager local chapter, of which he claims to be the "Region 9 Commander".  We're not even making this up.  He's already recruited local heroin addict John Beagle (or whatever) who serves as "Colorado State Captain" and very, very confused "non-racial fascist" *eye-roll emoji* BarbarossaUSA. We can't help but wonder if there was a knighting ceremony involved in their initiation, maybe even a tear came to Fecal's eye as he looked up at Planer towering over him and whispered quietly but fervently to himself, "My liege!". But c'mon, let's be real, in actuality he probably got his ass beat until he could name SIX cereals, one more than those pansy ass Proud Boys.

Fecal pretty much spends all of his time making shitty images to post on the DS board.

BarbarossaUSA, who is basically just Jim Smeagol's ride everywhere, has given his own "report back" of the march in which he has ceded defeat and congratulated antifa on effective tactics. Thanks Barb, we agree! Can't say we're too surprised because "We Intend To Win" and y'all just intend to shit your pants and run away crying.

After the nazis walked away from the rally with a police escort, the counter protest continued. Four got arrested opposing these white supremacist shitheads, but for what reason? We honestly don't know. Seems like the tactic is for the pigs to just randomly scoop up whoever the fuck they feel like and throw charges at them that make literally no sense. Meanwhile, fucking NAZIS with multiple felony warrants can pull knives on us with no consequences whatsoever. Again, this comes as no surprise, but the fact remains that the cops, and the state, are just as culpable as the fascists. It should be obvious to everyone at this point that the cops enable fascist violence, allowing them both a platform and legitimacy.

Regardless, the community rose up to defend itself against both state and far right violence. In light of recent events this accomplishment cannot go understated.

But wait, how does this end in Planer getting popped and locked up with a half a million dollar bail? Hold your horses, we're getting there.

A week after the events at the capital, a video surfaced of two men vandalizing a Jewish Center in Colorado Springs. In the video, the two can be seen putting stickers on the front door of the Jewish Center which read "FIGHT TERROR, NUKE ISRAEL". Ugh. Well, turns out that someone was able to correctly identify William Scott Planer as one of these men. He was arrested for this misdemeanor offense. Obviously that's no biggie for a big bad nazi, but even misdemeanors can land you in jail with a $500,000 bail if you're a dumbshit like Planer.

We've seen that pouty face before. It's Planer holding back the tears as he contemplates his shitty life decisions!

It remains to be seen who in fact identified Planer, but we can't help but wonder if Josh Fecal, desperate for a leadership position in the newly formed Colorado TWP chapter, was willing to inform on his supposed ally. As we mentioned, while being detained by police on June 10th, Fecal went on a little bit of a tirade about how he was the bigger, badder nazi and he seemed more than a little peeved that Planer had stolen some of his limelight, going so far as to cry about Planer's name appearing before his in a news article. Could it be that the nazis are as shitty to one another as they are to literally everyone else? Hmmm.

So, to summarize: William Scott Planer is currently in jail on a half a million dollar bail after being caught putting a sticker on a door, a feat that even a twelve year old could pull off with no consequences. Jesus christ y'all. Hey Ryan Howe of Out Front, do you believe us that these fucks are Nazis yet? Maybe you're still more in line with Mathew Heimbach's opinion of William, who claims he's a "patently innocent family man".

Innocent family man? Looks more like a violent unhinged nazi to us

In addition, there was another as-of-yet-unidentified person who helped Planer vandalize the Jewish Center. Will Planer inform on this person in exchange for a reduced sentence? Will Planer be extradited to California and imprisoned indefinitely? Will the Traditionalist Worker's Party in Colorado fall to pieces under the leadership of shitstain heroin addict Jamey Kegel, oh shit, I mean Josh Yeakel? Sorry, we keep forgetting his name, must be that he's small fry shit and underneath our notice. The answers to this and other exciting questions on our next episode of "Nazis In Colorado Are Total Fucking Idiots".

In the meantime, if you can identify the dumbass owner of these red New Balance sneakers, let us know: 

What are those?!

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