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The Denver punk scene and the shifting face of Fascist organizing

A Fascist controversy unfolding in Scotland has surprising links to Denver, Colorado's punk rock scene

Social media has been ablaze for weeks with calls to shut down what is being billed as Scotland's "biggest white power concert ever." An upcoming October 2016 concert with Minnesota based Bound for Glory, a white supremacist skinhead band and one of the most popular Fascist bands in the world, has become the target for anti-racists and others in Scotland. The Edinburgh event is expected to draw “an army of fascist thugs from across Europe to Scotland's capital.” Understandably, local leaders of Scotland's marginalized communities, including leaders of black student organizations and community groups, are starting the process of mobilizing against the concert.

The event appears to have its roots with the European born white nationalist skinhead street gang, Blood and Honour. London-based Blood and Honour member Vicky Pearson has been credited with organizing the show, while Blood and Honour members from across Europe have been promoting the event. Tickets are already on sale, though the name of the venue hosting the event has yet to be released.

Bound for Glory: Minneapolis based Nazi punk band
Blood and Honour was founded in 1987 in the United Kingdom by Ian Stuart Donaldson, the singer of revered skinhead oi band, Skrewdriver. Blood and Honour derived its name from the infamous motto of the 1930's era Hitler Youth, Blut and Ehre. Since its founding, Blood and Honour has grown into an international network of Fascists active mostly across Europe and North America. Focusing on street level organizing, Blood and Honour resembles a gang or social club more than a traditional Fascist political party. They function as a street level army of neo-nazi skinheads who focus on propaganda, music and social events, and street level attacks on migrants and marginalized communities.

Blood and Honour in the United States has found itself in the midst of a steady decline since the late 1990's. However, Blood and Honour chapters still exist across the country and a major change within the organization may have ramifications that very few anti-Fascists can imagine at the present moment. What might be more surprising to many is that Denver, Colorado may be on the cutting edge of Blood and Honour's evolution. 

The Glorious Five Year Plan

In 1999, the Denver street punk and oi scene revolved around anti-fascist bands like Hardsole, a skinhead band with leftist politics. In the midst of this scene, a young group of street punk kids started a band named Total Annihilation.

Total Annihilation, 2004.
Total Annihilation started off as a pretty generic street punk band, trying to find itself in a larger punk scene heavily influenced by crust punk and anarchopunk. By 2004, the band openly identified as a “Red” band, focusing on communist and leftist politics. In an interview with Mad Butcher Records in 2004, Total Annihilation described itself as having “found [their] calling in Revolutionary Marxist-Leninism”. They also extended thanks to local SHARPS (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) and international RASH (Red and Anarchist Skinheads) “comrades”.

The first acknowledged album by the band, released in 2003, entitled “The Glorious Five Year Plan” screams out as an attempt to be an anti-capitalist manifesto. Released by Seein Red Records, the album features songs like “Hasta La Victoria Siempre”, a nod to Che Guevera and Latin American communist inspired revolutionary movements, as well as “Workers of the World, Unite!”, a foot stomping song about international working class revolution. (We make reference to this being the first acknowledged album by the band because an earlier EP, “Revenge” apparently was so embarrassing that they don't take credit for it some 15 years later.)

Sometime between the release of “The Glorious Five Year Plan” in 2003 and the release of their next album in 2008, there was a major shift in the political ideology of the band. “The Great Patriotic War” illustrated that the band had taken a dramatic change in direction toward a nationalist and even anti-communist worldview. Songs like “American Pride Skins” and “Stomp the Crust” have now become anthems within many Ultra-Nationalist skinhead scenes. The band had decidedly shifted it's pro-working class messages of communist revolution to a new message of nationalism, anti-communism, and overt reactionary politics.

Total Annihilation, 2015.
It's unfortunately not a far leap for communists and anarchists with a strictly class based analysis to shift toward Fascistic idealogies. In situations where anarchists and communists lack a strong analysis of white supremacy and racism, our political ideologies typically rely on a working class political ideology that is easily exploited by Fascists to support a working class revolution not for liberation of all workers, but for the imposition of a working class Nationalist identity. Fascism and Socialism are divergent responses to the rise of industrial Capitalism. The German Nazi Party, (The National-Socialist German Workers' Party, or NSDAP) relied heavily on critiques of capitalism, and used imagery and propaganda based heavily off of Communist pro-working class propaganda to advance its own agenda. Thousands of communists and anarchists withdrew from organizations like the German Communist Party (KDP) to join the NSDAP and the Nazis.

Total Annihilation is a contemporary case study in the same evolution. However, what Total Annihilation may represent is even far more insidious and could represent a marked shift in the politics and orientation of Fascist organizing in North America and beyond.

Yellowside 28

By 2014 it became clear that Total Annihilation had continued its trajectory toward far right wing politics. Their track listing in a split release with Para Elite, a California based skinhead oi band, released that year makes it clear what side of the barricades they find themselves on.

Yellowside Records. 28 stands for B&H, or Blood and Honour.
In Bed with the Reds” is a song specifically calling out anti-fascists affiliated with International Antifa movements, and calling for violent attacks on anti-racists and others opposed to far right politics. The song also openly condemns homosexuality and queerness. In “Death of a Nation”, the band labels Mexican and Central American migrants as an “alien disease” and Muslims as “degenerate parasites”. In “Criminal Invasion” the band further illustrates their anti-migrant Ultra-Nationalist message while also attacking “the capitalist class” in the United States for helping fuel the “conquest of the nation” by the “criminal invasion” of “illegals”.

Total Annihilation is decidedly racist, xenophobic, anti-leftist, anti-capitalist, and Ultra-Nationalist, falling into line with classic themes of Fascism. So what makes Total Annihilation different from any other Fascist skinhead band? It may shock many who are unfamiliar with Total Annihilation to know that the lead singer of the band, Jimi Yamamoto, is Japanese, not white.

In fact, Total Annihilation represents what may be a developing “Yellow and White Unity” that seems to be taking place not just in the larger Ultra-Nationalist skinhead scene, but in Blood and Honour USA specifically.

Japan is no stranger to Fascist and Ultra-nationalist skinheads. Bound for Glory toured Japan as far back as 2013 on the heals of a release of a split record with Japanese Fascist band Aggro Knuckle. Aggro Knuckle is also the main band behind a record label that distributes Ultra-Nationalist, white power, and Fascist music, called Yellowside Records.

Yellowside Records has been working for years to build bridges between White and Asian Fascists. The logo for Yellowside Records is the traditional SS Totenkopf (Deathhead, the very iconic skull and crossbones of the Nazi elite soldiers in the German SS units of World War II), and also includes the number 28. 28 represents the letters “B” and “H” and has been a call sign for Blood and Honour in street level Fascist shorthand for decades. The combination of the Totenkopf and the number 28 is typically reserved for skinheads that are members or supporters of Blood and Honour.

Indeed, a cursory look at the Yellowside Records website features bands that are big in the white power music scene, including Legitime Violence from Quebec, an overtly Nazi Francophone skinhead band.

"YEAR" An Asian Fascist crew, including Jimi Yamamoto (Total Annihilation, pictured far left) and Jay San (Para Elite, pictured far right)
The links between Jimi Yamamoto and Jay San from Para Elite and Yellowside records are undisputed. In fact, Yellowside Records promotes both bands, and photos of Jimi and Jay are found on several parts of the Yellowside Records website. Jimi and Jay also are close pals with the members of Aggro Knuckle and both promote other bands associated with the label, including Legitime Violence.

Jimi Yamamoto (Total Annihilation) and "Big" Ed Wolbank (Bound for Glory)
Yellowside Records also has a very friendly relationship with Bound for Glory, the Minnesota Nazi band that is causing the stir in Scotland right now. In fact, Yamamoto and “Big Ed” Wolbank from Bound for Glory appear to be pretty close friends and associates, further supporting the case that this purported “Yellow-White Unity” is having very deep seeded effects in the White Power scene in North America.

So is Yellowside Records just using the traditional Blood and Honour imagery without Blood and Honour's tacit approval? It seems highly unlikely, especially given Blood and Honour USA's Jon Pressley's relationship with Yamamoto and other Japanese-American Fascists on Facebook and other social media. Pressley is in the top ranks of Blood and Honour USA leadership. Even his social relationship with Yamamoto and other skinheads of Asian descent seems to suggest Blood and Honour's retreat from strictly traditional White Supremacist methods to those more in line with Third Positionism. Far from just supporting a cross collaboration between Japanese Fascists active in Japan, they are now creating unity with Japanese-American skinheads living in the U.S., and toning down overtly White Supremacist language and imagery with a more specific and unique brand of good old fashioned White American Nativism and Fascist ideologies, uniting various racial groups against perceived “outside enemies” like migrants, Muslims, leftists, Queers, and even formations like Black Lives Matter.

What makes this situation all the more insidious is that many of these skinheads and those affiliated with them do not use swastikas or other overt Nazi imagery (other than the Totenkompf), nor are they typically going to be found quoting Hitler or giving Nazi salutes. These aren't your “American History X” style boneheads. This is a regrouping and a rebranding of U.S. Street level Fascist organizing. And it's much more tenacious and much harder to fight than the obvious homogeneously white Nazi skinhead scene.

Chemical X

Fascism seeps into the Denver Punk scene

Total Annihilation has long been a controversial local band in Denver. TA has been reluctant to play local shows, and it has been hard to find venues willing to host them. That said, members of Total Annihilation play in other local bands in the punk scene without any of the same scrutiny.

Local bands with members of Total Annihilation include Chemical X and 4 Minute Warning, local street punk bands that enjoy varying degrees of popularity in the local music scene.

Chemical X

Andrew Scott, member of Chemical X and Total Annihilation. 

Andrew Scott joined both Total Annihilation and Chemical X in 2015, but has been a long time friend of both bands, doing guest vocals, and promoting both bands extensively. Andrew's Facebook wall is filled with links left by Jimi Yamamoto to songs by White Power and Fascist skinhead bands. Andrew also states in no uncertain terms that one of his favorite Total Annihilation songs is “Criminal Invasion” their anti-migrant screed.

Kyle Atwell, Bassist for Total Annihilation and 4 Minute Warning
4 Minute Warning

Kyle Atwell is the most recent addition to Total Annihilation, playing bass for the band. He also is a member of local punk band, 4 Minute Warning, a band that includes former members of other area Oi and street punk bands, including Bad Engrish.

At this point, it has become painfully obvious that both bands know that they incorporate members who are active with an openly Fascist band. Show promoters and other fans have pointed this out, and neither band has taken any action to deal with their connections to Fascists. In fact, a December 2015 show featuring both bands saw a group of members of both bands and their fans tearing down anti-fascist posters at local DIY venue Seventh Circle, and threatening to find and “kick the ass” of any anti-fascists in the crowd.

So how did we end up here? The Denver punk scene has been overwhelmingly forgiving and accommodating in its attitude toward the Fascists within its circles. It seems that it would be far easier to galvanize support for confronting these bands and their members if they wore swastikas and openly used racial slurs than it is when they use relatively obscured Nazi imagery and instead call for attacks on migrants, Muslims, and Queers. Either way, members of Total Annihilation, and now related bands, have enjoyed comfort within the local punk scene.

It's time to end that. It's time for folks in Denver to take a cue from those organizing in Scotland against Bound For Glory. These bands and their members should find no safe space within our venues, within our social circles, and on our streets.

As street level Fascism and right wing reactionary tendencies grow in the United States, bolstered by the rise of Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, we can only expect Fascists and their supporters to grow more bold. 2015 saw a host of right wing attacks and terrorism directed at migrants, Black Lives Matter activists, white anti-racists, and others. It is far past time to start to confront these tendencies growing within our own social circles. We can only hope it's not too late to do so. The consequences could be severe if we fail at this task.

There seems to be some controversy over the article we posted. People seem to be rolling their eyes and claiming that the article was made up. Interesting, as all the photos represented were straight from band members own Facebook pages... But why don't we let the lyrics from Total Annihilation's songs speak for themselves?
From "Criminal Invasion":
There's a battle raging in America's land
As the patriots fight to make their stand
To defend our country in the culture clash
As third world nations send us their trash
They come to our streets where they murder and rob
While the capitalists reward them with American jobs
Sell us their drugs and poison our youth
While the traitors in power cover up the truth
It's the Criminal Invasion
Undermining our security
It's the Criminal Invasion
Leaching off our economy
It's the Criminal Invasion
Can you hear when your nation calls?
It's the Criminal Invasion
Curb Immigration or the nation falls
Illegals are criminals by definition
The conquest of America is their mission
They don't learn the language or salute our flag
They got our kids running scared from their gangs
They don't pay taxes that they deprive the nation
They make no effort toward assimilation
We have to do something to stop the invasion
Mass immigration is the death of our nation
And now, what about these amazing lyrics from "In Bed with the Reds":

Don't give me no bullshit about homophobia
Because I just don't want to hear it
Just because I find something completely disgusting
Doesn't mean that I fucking fear it
What lies behind your propaganda really is white guilt
You shit all over your ancestors and the once great culture they built
Or, maybe this classic set of lyrics from "Death of a Nation":
They open our borders to the alien disease
They've beaten the U.S. worker down to his knees
Gave away our jobs and now they want our liberties
What the fuck has happened to the land of the free?
It's the death of a nation
The writings on the wall
It's the death of a nation
America will fall
So, Total Annihilation, by their own lyrics, is an anti-migrant, anti-gay band. They also use images of people the viewer is to assume are Muslims in their music video for "Death of a Nation", at the same time as the lyrics "degenerate parasites" leave Jimi's mouth. Okay, so they're anti-migrant. Anti-gay. Anti-muslim. They're also opposed to Anti-fascists, as illustrated by these telling words from "In Bed with the Reds":

So fuck you and fuck your Anti-fascist Action
Just another false label for another red faction
And also try to galvanize the "reverse racism" logic of the right wing with this line from the same song:
You say you're against racism and I can tell you that ain't true
Because racism and violence directed at whites never seems to bother you

What other kinds of bands are anti-migrant, anti-gay, anti-Muslim, opposed to anti-fascists, and try to stir the pot against the infamous "communist" boogey man, while also portraying whites as victims of racist attacks?

These lyrics should speak for themselves. But for fans of Total Annihilation who are in denial about their support for fascists, there are several questions that should be asked:

1) Why do members of the band have a very friendly and cozy relationship with well-known and self proclaimed Fascists and Nazis like Ed Wolbank from Bound for Glory or Jon Pressley, a known leader of Blood and Honour USA (a neo-nazi street gang)?

2) Why does Total Annihilation rep record labels and bands that use Nazi imagery and have racist, homophobic, and Fascist lyrics or who outright identify as Nazi bands, like Bound for Glory, Legitime Violence, and Aggro Knuckle?

3) What does the number 28 mean on the clothing in various pictures of members of Total Annihilation, and what does that same number stand for in the logo of a record label they are closely affiliated with, Yellowside Records? And why does the band rep the Totenkopf, or SS deathhead?

We challenge Total Annihilation to publicly answer these questions, and put the minds of their confused fans to rest.

We also challenge the other bands in question, Chemical X and 4 Minute Warning to ask the same questions of their members who also play in Total Annihilation, and to hold them accountable. We would further challenge these bands to publicly disavow these members if they continue to play in Total Annihilation, or risk becoming supporters for Fascism.

This isn't a game. In a reality where political candidates like Donald Trump are galvanizing adherents of these same exact ideologies, we stand at a very dangerous moment historically. Which side of history will the participants of the Denver punk scene stand on?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dickweed Nate Marshall Makes the News Again - Threatening Jefferson County Recall Activists

Edit: Tough guy already blocked us on Twitter. We hope the coroner wraps up a cirrhosis case by the end of the day or that his meth sores develop MRSA and an ill-trained nurse is forced to behead him in hospice care. Nate, I will dance for weeks and empty my bowels onto your grave until my colon ceases to produce any kind of matter. I hope you're hit by a train. Sincerely I hope it.

Our favorite cuckold for public embarrassment has once again made the news and been forced to issue an apology after stating that anyone attempting to recall racist, history revisionist white-washing school board members in Jefferson County should be executed. He is currently under investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department. Nate, as some of you know, was forced to cease his quest for a state congressional seat after it was revealed that he attempted to start an armed cell of white supremacists that was exposed by local antifascists.

Nate's apology to school board activists indicated that he has been abusing alcohol and is suffering from an undisclosed illness. Hopefully he pops a couple back at his favorite haunt, the Bout Time Pub & Grill and wraps himself around a telephone pole on the way home. Whatever disease you have, Nate, we hope it ravages your mind and body and you die slowly. Just eat a bullet for dinner next time, tough guy, like your hero.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Racist Messages Left at Predominately Black Church in Colorado Springs

From The Denver Channel:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Police are pursuing a suspect they say has been leaving racist messages outside a Colorado Springs church predominantly attended by African American parishioners.

KKTV-TV reports Colorado Springs Police say they won't release the suspect's name as the department's Intelligence Unit works to make contact. Authorities anticipate an arrest soon.

The racist signs have appeared on three consecutive Sundays outside New Covenant Church. Pastor Roland Joyner says the signs were brazenly put up during afternoon service this past Sunday.
One said "Black men be aware, you are the target."

Holly Garvin says while she's not a member of the church, she replaced the racist signs with messages like "no more violence" and "God loves us all" hoping the person responsible will think twice before posting more hate.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nate Marshall is Dumb as Hell

Look at this dick!
UPDATE: Oh my god it gets better.
"Embattled Colorado state House candidate Nathaniel Marshall was reportedly recruited to run for office by state Senate candidate Tim Neville, a prominent Colorado Republican politician with close ties to far-right kingmaker Dudley Brown…
…Rick Enstrom, a prominent candy business executive and onetime Republican House candidate, tweeted Wednesday that Marshall told him that he was recruited to run by Neville. Today Enstrom confirmed that assertion in a phone interview.
“I’m not running for anything, and Tim Neville is a friend of mine but, hey, the facts are the facts,” he told the Colorado Independent.
- See more at:"  

UPDATE: Due to not being "media savvy" Nate has dropped his candidacy for state congress. What a fucking buffoon.

UPDATE: Nate's campaign filing affidavit can be viewed right here in .PDF form. Nate, in his infinite wisdom, put his address and phone number on the form. You can reach Nate, a fucking moron, at 303-500-2863 or send him a package full of gorilla shit at:

10555 W JEWELL AVENUE 5-203

or, his business address

Nate Marshall, the noted failed Hitler clone we exposed last summer after organizing a sparsely-attended meeting of white supremacists in the mountains; is now being urged by the Jefferson County Republican Party to drop his candidacy for State Congressman in Lakewood, CO. The Denver Post reports:

Embattled Jeffco Republican House candidate: "I wasn't hating"
A Republican House candidate who has been asked to resign because of ties to white supremacists and his arrest record said sometimes he gets so frustrated he gets carried away. "I wasn't hating on anybody," Nate Marshall of Lakewood said Thursday. The 42-year-old construction manager said he had planned to disclose his arrest record on his campaign website. "I talked to a fundraiser Wednesday who said because I was going to disclose it, it would have been mitigated," Marshall said.

But he said before he could do so The Denver Post on Wednesday reported on his arrest by Steamboat Springs police investigating a Craigslist rental scam, and referred to the white supremacist blog.

He asked if the Post could remove its articles, noting he made restitution in the rental situation and the case was dismissed. Marshall also said he's not a white supremacist, but he is a "big fan" of a Greek group called Golden Dawn that preaches fiscal austerity. Critics have called it a neo-Nazi or fascist group, but Marshall said while it is a "little bit militant" some members have won political races. Since then, Marshall's tweets have also been examined. Some involve derogatory comments toward Muslims and gays, including use of the word "faggots."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

White Nationalists Meet in Evergreen, CO on June 15th, Here's What They Chatted About

Read the follow up a year later to see what happens when Nate Marshall attempts to run for local office. Spoiler alert: it goes poorly.

Much detailed in the following writing and file attachments were obtained anonymously and the information and actions taken are those of the anonymous party. The author or any perceived affiliate of Rocky Mountain Antifascists take no responsibility for anything detailed heretofore.

Nate Marshall, fearless leader.

Several months ago, through the vigilance of monitoring the publicly visible forums of, it began to circulate through antifascist circles that there was a man by the name of Nate Marshall attempting to organize a recruitment and networking event for white nationalists and neo-Nazis in Evergreen, Colorado on June 15th at Dedisse Park. He was operating under the moniker NateTheWatcher on Stormfront, and quickly created a National Socialist news aggregating blog/online recruitment form under the name "The Aryan Storm."

Nate started to amass followers on Twitter, became an obsessive, prolific poster on Stormfront with more than 1,000 posts in the span of three or four months, and post generic Nazi glorifying bullshit on his blog while billing his new "organization" as the American Golden Dawn. He boasted about signing up chapters in Europe and building membership lists in the scope of several hundred people. He began to promote sale weekends for new membership fees.

While several members on Stormfront were initially suspicious, Nate stated he had a permit, was in contact with the local sheriff, and that members of Blood & Honour USA/Combat 18 would be providing security as well as sending representatives to the rally. Despite the security concerns of several prominent local white nationalists as well as a statewide fire ban (no burgers/cross burnings for the Nazis or Klan in attendance), the rally was still set to go despite a sudden scrubbing of details a few weeks before the event.

Butz in Boots
A grand total of eight passionate and fearless members of the local white nationalist scene attended the June 15th get together. Without counting Hitler wannabe Nate, Brett Butz, fuckhead extraordinaire who LOVES to email us with empty shit talking and revisionist local history (it's a little harder to dilute history from three years ago than your run-the-mill holocaust denial, Brett.) attended. Brett, or as he prefers to be called, "Boots" is the chapter head of the local Blood & Honour Colorado/USA whatever they're calling themselves now. Blood & Honour, at least where they're supposed to be a legitimate political threat, is supposed to be an international skinhead street gang bent on racial terrorism.

Along with a couple of Blood & Honour tag along shitlickers, one of the other notable parties was Gregory A.N. Coots. We'll allow the intelligence to speak for itself:

Sir Gregory, awaiting the Vampiric holy war
“Sir” Gregory A.N. Coots is a self described pastor and leader of the Citadel Holy Orders. He also bills himself as a former Special Forces soldier now working as a military Chaplain at Fort Carson, Colorado. He is the owner/operator of Citadel Process, a self described security and surveillance company that provides survival, first aid, security, and tactical military training.

Gregory is also affiliated with Myelin Productions. A small independent film company that focuses on making low budget vampire movies:

Contact: 719-344-4452,
 For background on the Citadel Holy Order:

Sir David, left, also attended.
Citadel Holy Orders is an organization active in the United States that claims to be able to trace its origins to at least 1099, during the First Crusade. The organization is a highly religious order, mixing traditional Christian and Jewish beliefs. Members may identify as Christian, Jewish, or both. Much of their beliefs and traditions stem from the Knights Templar, an order of Christian Knights active during the crusades. 
CHO sees it's primary mission as one to destroy Islam and wage war on Muslims, in order to protect Christians and Jews. CHO is linked directly to a church in Colorado Springs, CO: Opened Gates Ministries. Their website advertizes survival schools and tactical fighting trainings. They are also linked to Citadel Process, a self proclaimed security company that also offers weapons trainings at various levels.

CHO members find inspiration and affinity with the actions of Andres Behring Breivik, a Norweigan national affiliated with a Knights of Templar styled organization, who was convicted of mass murdering 77 people in Norway in a mass shooting and bombing campaign in July 2011. Breivik considered himself a guardian of Christians and Jews, and committed himself to waging war on Islam and defenders of “multiculturalism”.

Brett's rap sheet
If you'd like to send Sir Greg's church a sternly worded letter or perhaps talk to a supervisor, you can contact them at the following address and phone number:
Address: 609 Bennett Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone:(719) 632-7728

So what would a bunch of racist, religiously bigoted sacks of shit all want to have a little summit in the mountains for? What would Brett Butz, noted anti-Semite, parolee and convicted felon and a couple of his meth-toothed lackeys want to chat about with some Knight's Templar, Israel loving, D&D vampire nerd about? What we would do to be flies on the wall at that meshing of the minds!

Luckily, somebody thought just that same thing and made an audio recording of the whole fucking meeting. The answers are startling. Sir Gregory, supposed employee of the United States Military, offers federal funding and paramilitary training in Lake George, Colorado to Brett and his gang of fuck-up miscreants. They bond over a passion for deadly anti-Muslim hate crimes disguised as "crusading" and discuss stockpiling black powder. Unfathomably macho pissing contests about being on the "front line" are had.

They discuss standardizing ammunition amongst the group, as well as disguising the intentions of the training group by barring swastikas. Brett states that these trainings will be mandatory for all Blood & Honour members and that he personally wants to be at the very next one held. He states he will have to make a transition from "street level" leader to "military leader." Agreements are made for further meetings. Towards the end of the recording, likely because of the content of the conversation,  somebody even asks if they were recorded. Sir Gregory states that he believes in "proactive action" and that he would rather "burn somebody's house down before they burn down [his]". Brett even asks him if he has a problem with his group's "racist stance" and he says "no problem, whatsoever" before following up with "We oppose Islam. Period."

The recording is damning as well as alarming. It is edited for a completion's sake as well as for bird enthusiasts.  Multiple groups with sympathies to some of the most murderous, bloodthirsty racist terrorists getting together in hopes to hone their combat skills are some of the most horrifying ideas to emerge from this state since some dolt in Aurora decided he was a Batman villain. The following is a rough transcript of a few notable portions of the audio:

Timeline of Highlights of Audio Recording:
Hour, Minute
1:12- Car shows up, Brett Butz, leader of Blood & Honour Colorado arrives

1:22- “Sir Gregory” and “Sir David” arrive, introduce themselves

1:22- Question asked: “Who's in charge?” Answer: Nate (Nathaniel Marshall)

1:25- Question asked: “More Blood and Honour guys coming?”

1:25- Agreement that unity can be reach by targeting Islam and Muslims

1:26- Explanation of background and history of Citadel Holy Orders, starting with the First Crusades

1:28- Sir Gregory discusses CHO's connection to “assault training” and “firearms training”.

1:44- Brett Butz discusses his parole and his parole officer “Knows I'm a skinhead”

1:52- Brett Butz says “The time is now to bond together against the threat of Islam”

2:00- Discussion of “Muslim terrorist training camp in the U.S. that is funded by Saudia Arabia”

2:00- Brett Butz: “We're going to train to kill them [Muslims]” “We're starting to gear up.” Mentions using the “Tough Mudder” race to train Blood & Honour members.

2:00- Brett Butz discusses his parole and how it affects his ability to legally handle firearms, and how he has taken steps to avoid being caught with a firearm.

2:08- Sir Gregory tells Brett Butz: “We have no problem training you guys.” Brett Butz says: “I've been thinking about ways to get more tactical training for the guys.”

2:12- The discussion turns to the rise of fascist movements and their fights against Muslims and Islam in Europe.

2:20- Sir Gregory discusses his role as a priest at Fort Carson

2:23- Brett Butz says “I can speak for Blood and Honour Colorado and we're interested in going on military training”. “If you're willing to extend that, we're willing to take it seriously.” Sir Gregory responds: “If you give us gas money, we'll do it.”

2:23- Sir Gregory states that they train 10 miles west of Lake George, Colorado, at Wilkerson Pass

2:35- Brett states that he wants to go on “the very next training”

2:43- Brett admits that organizationally, Blood and &Honour is not yet compatible with military training and actions and discusses how he specifically would have to transition from a “street leader to a military leader”.

2:44- Brett: “We have all made a decision to be the front line.”

2:45- Brett: “I'm very excited to get involved”. “I'm going to make it mandatory for the Colorado guys [Blood & Honour members] to get involved.”

2:46- Sir Gregory: “One issue, you can't show anything nazi related, nothing that is anti-semitic” “...because we're funded by the government.”

2:51- Brett: “We train together, we work together.”

2:52- Brett asks Sir Gregory if he “would be up for coming to Denver to meet with folks?..Put us all on the same page...”

2:53- Sir Gregory: States belief in “proactive events” “I'd rather burn down your house, before you can burn down mine.”

2:53- Agreement is made to meet and setup trainings and meetings.

2:55- Discussion of merits of standardizing weapons, specifically on relying upon the 7.62x39mm soviet issue ammunition.

2:56- Sir Gregory discusses the need to stockpile black powder.

3:02- Brett: “The Muslims main mission is to kill us.” Brett says that whites should “Get them where they are, before they get us where we are.”

3:05- Sir Gregory: “You didn't record us, did you?”

3:05- Brett: “I'm not a bullshitter, when I get home, I'm gonna call the guys.”

3:06- Brett: “I'm going to set up this thing with you, and make it mandatory attendance.”

3:06- Brett: “You don't have any problem with me telling Blood & Honour guys in other states that we're going to be training with you?” Sir Gregory: “No problem, whatsoever.”

3:06- Brett: “You don't have any issue with you being associated with our racist stance?” Gregory: “No problem whatsoever.”

3:07- Gregory: “Our stance is, we oppose Islam. Period.”

Even though there were up to eight of them, the Nazis loved to talk about the antifa, which they grossly mispronounce according to the recording. Brett states he has a "great banter" with Rocky Mountain Antifascists through email, and most of them express disappointment that there wasn't a mass organized response to eight of them meeting in a park. Many of them thought they would "have their windshields smashed", and rented cars to get to the rally to avoid having their license plates recorded by any antifascists. Some vaguely confirm bringing concealed firearms. One participant, deemed "a little out there" by reported attendants posting on Stormfront, was removed by an Evergreen Sheriff after reporting that his tires had been slashed.

Nate wanted to bring his Aryan Storm to Denver for an anti-immigrant 4th of July demonstration, but alas, after being exposed on Stormfront as a felon con-artist for Craigslist property scams as well as accused of being a police informant, his blogs and Stormfront account was hastily deleted shortly after the demonstration was postponed. So while the Aryan Storm fizzled out rather quickly (as did his follow-up blog, "Exposing Sharia"), we are a lot more concerned with the teaming up of a bunch of armed religious fanatics and mouth-breathing hardcore skinheads.

Stay tuned, Sportsfans!