Friday, September 16, 2011

Carol and Aaron Vigil - Carpenters Just Like Jesus

Aaron and Carol Vigil
This is the second pair of scum we've been able to expose since the Chatfield Lake Nazi-Antifa confrontation last September. Aaron and Carol Vigil, another married couple living in the Denver Metro region, are two neo-Nazis also affiliated with the local Blood & Honour chapter. After analyzing intelligence, we learned Aaron and Carol run a construction company out of their home called Crosscut Construction.

You can call Aaron at 720-810-8824 or drop him a line (or perhaps some elephant dung) at home:

2717 West Harvard Avenue
Denver, CO 80211

If the internet is the way you communicate, check out Crosscut Construction's Facebook or befriend Carol on her personal Facebook account. Aaron also drives a late-model blue Dodge Ram with a Crosscut Construction magnet on his doors. The license plate number is 434-KMS and is registered in Colorado. Aaron can also be seen on the far left in this picture, walking behind outed and now-exiled neo-Nazi Rob Clement at the Chatfield Lake confrontation, and him and Carol can be seen in the center of this picture, also taken at Chatfield. Here's the truck:

Just for fun, let's give Aaron some constructive criticism of his handiwork as a contractor, as these are some samples he posted to his business's facebook page:

This is a site-built staircase and rail set-up Aaron did last May. Personally, I think the wood finish is a tad splotchy and before sample pictures are taken, one should always remove the painter's tape from the project. Helpful home improvement tips from your friendly antifascist crew!

Here's a bathroom update posted last May. I hate the cabinet paint color, it looks like Beetlejuice's house. Also, once again, please clean up the job site before taking sample pictures and stop stealing backsplash palette designs from the skins of fish in Finding Nemo.

Here's a small addition Aaron just framed. Personally, I like looking at completely unfinished job sites that give me no indication of how durable the construction will stand up or when a project is going to be completed, but most of my friends tell me I'm a bit kooky.

I wonder, in this economy, if Carol and Aaron only work exclusively for white people? Can discriminating businesses even survive in this climate? I doubt it. Maybe Crosscut Construction's customers should get clued in to what their contractor is hiding behind the fake smile of a businessman.

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