Monday, September 12, 2011

Robnette/Blood & Honour Draaaama

Shortly after we celebrated unmasking (ex? Are they still a chapter? What's going on B&H from everything we hear your shit is so fuuuuucked) Blood & Honour members Robert Clement and Janette Steedley-Clement in Arvada, we noticed their putrid Nazi merchandise company DRP Industries folded up shop! Obviously, it made us feel awfully gooey inside to think that a lil' ol' internet post might've done the trick, but as more intel came in we got a whole different side of the story! We found this on a pro-B&H website (grammar is unchanged):

Regarding events in Denver Colorado which have transpired over the last few days,we have been able to determine through seeing first hand copies of texts and other materials relating to these events.Rob Clement and Janette Clement of DRP Industries had misled B&H USA as to the origin and nature of charges which had been filed against Brett Butz,the previous head of B&H Colorado.I personally spoke to the Department of Corrections Officer for his case and THERE WERE NO DRUG CHARGES OR ALLIGATIONS FILED AGAINST BRETT BUTZ.ZERO.We were also told that he had been dealing drugs and that the police found drugs taped under a childs desk as well as nonsense about Lina Butz his wife (saga) being a federal informant and that they had letters between the two in their possession.These letters or any other evidence failed to materialize as promised and there were suspicions about the possible drug use of Rob and Jannette but due to the distance between NC and CO. it was impossible to immediately verify these claims,and we gave them the benefit of the doubt.We were wrong,and Blood & Honour USA owes Brett Butz an apology.So here it is.Brett did 6 months over being in possession of Blood & Honour USA shirts and other items which violated the terms of his parole.No drugs,No hot UA test,just good old white power propaganda.DRP Industries is shutdown as an outlet for Blood & Honour USA merchandise.Period.They will be shut down completely within the week....ALSO,Brett Butz is hereby reinstated in good standing within Blood & Honour USA/C18, his titles of State restored to him;and we look forward to many years of being able to work with such a man.Again,to Brett,my brother;I am truly sorry we failed to check into things better than we did.Past is past and now we can once again start slogging forward to victory.
Death to dope dealers!/Death to drug users!Death to those that tolerate either!
Regards,Blood & Honour USA/Combat 18
"No One Mentioned, No One Forgotten""

Not sure which fall-down-drunk wrote that one, but it certainly is a revealing amount of information to post on the internet. Nazi Janette and Rob, proud parents of two immaculate children without a hint of melanin to be found between them, doing drugs? How unsavory! Two upstanding people like that... You know it really makes you think.

More news coming soon! Stay tuned sports fans!


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  2. Janette is a great mom, I don't know Rob, but I doubt they're doing drugs, not with those little kids around, She is good people, and I trust her Judgement

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