Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Antifa Take Credit for Taking Down NSM Road Signs in 2010

A communiqe from Colorado Indymedia:

"In 2010 a group of Nazis or Neo-Nazis in the Denver area created the Denver chapter of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), proudly displaying their group on their website, including a contact form for membership requests. The white-supremacist, white-separatist, nationalist, and thoroughly fascist group took pictures of their members, announced events, and even managed to successfully receive an "adopt a highway" sign from the Colorado Department of Transportation. In response, area anti-fascists removed all of the signs from highway 85, outside of downtown Brighton. They even sent a communique to the media, but the story was not picked up. No other communication of the action was made, on the internet for example, for fear that any site that hosted it would be associated with certain people or groups that might be targets for retaliation. Later, the Department of Transportation replaced the signs. So again anti-fascists took them down again. However, with the launching of rockymountain antifa, we feel that the cat is already out of the bag, and that any retaliation is already risked, so there is no harm in publishing our actions. Since the replacement of the signs by CDT, and their subsequent removal, the CDT has not replaced the signs again, effectively denying the NSM their message of hate."

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