Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sacramento Nazis in Colorado

William Scott Planer

On June 26, 2016, a fascist alliance made up of Golden State Skinheads--a white nationalist Hammerskin gang in California, and the Traditionalist Workers' Party--a white nationalist separatist group lead by Matthew Heimbach, organized a failed rally on the California Capitol steps in Sacramento.  Heimbach, who organized the rally, is clearly too self-important to risk his own injury, and was therefore nowhere to be found.  However, the neo-nazis from Golden State Skinheads who did try to rally, failed from the start when they were pummeled with bricks. As they began to flee, a riot ensued.

The LA Times and the Anti-Defamation League have both criticized the efforts of anti-fascist counter-demonstrators as providing "free publicity" to the neo-nazis.  We disagree on the grounds that the publicity shows nazis exactly what will happen when they try to organize publicly:

Since the event--where the ultra-tough Hammerskins cowered behind police lines to avoid injury--the neo-nazi gang members of GSS have shown themselves to be more than eager to turn into boot-licking snitches.  Derik Ryan Punneo, dubbed the "Knife Wielding Nazi" for his involvement in the riot, went as far as to start a pro-police campaign in Sacramento.

Our readers would probably like to know that of the 17 nazis who demonstrated on June 26, at least two came from Colorado: Joshua O'Leary and William Scott Planer.

Joshua O'Leary (left) and William Scott Planer (right)
William Scott Planer came to the attention of many in the Denver area when he and Shane "Choppy" McCampbell, another local bonehead nazi, reportedly picked a fight with a couple because a man "looked Jewish."  Despite the claims of Choppy's partner, Mackenzie Jackson, that the couple were "tweakers" and the two nazis were "defending themselves," the couple are actually known and respected people in Denver's community. We won't identify them, but the accusation that they are "tweakers" is altogether laughable.  In the fight, William Planer reportedly hit the man's girlfriend, demonstrating his willingness to commit acts of violence against women.

(TW: assault, violence against women, violence against queer people)
Planer's willingness to assault women is further demonstrated by this video of his involvement in Sacramento, where he can be seen hitting a woman--who was lying on the ground after a previous injury--over the head with a pole. There are also reports that he stabbed another woman later during the incident.


Already a double-felon, Planer moved to Colorado from California in 2013 after his most recent stay in prison.  In 2001, he caught a case after he held someone up with a stun gun to steal a backpack full of weed. In 2003, he was convicted for felony illegal possession of a firearm.  He did another prison sentence in 2010 after being convicted for harboring a felon.  Considering his criminal history, people might find it surprising that he at least wants others to think he has another firearm.

And ~~HONESTLY~~ for being a woman-beating self-described nazi hammerskin, why is it that he posts more selfies than a self-obsessed high schooler?  Also notice how his page claims he went to high school at the "School of Hard Knocks" (weird nazi social media trends?).  In reality, he attended Granite Bay High School in California, and appears to have a somewhat affluent family.

34 Years old. Affiliated with Hammerskins, Golden State Skinheads.
Has been seen driving a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Possible Address:
3100 Running Brook Rd, Elizabeth CO 80107 (with mommy and daddy)

Possible Numbers:

Social Media: "Willhelm Von Panzer" "William Scott"

Court records:

His current or former romantic partner is fellow white-supremacist Justina Ashton Thatcher, aka “Jay Ashton.”  She posts supportive comments on William’s racist posts, and also follows white supremacist twitter pages, such as Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, the White Advocacy Movement, Kansas White Pride, and many more.

Justina Ashton Thatcher

Born 8/4/89 in Orange County, CA
Drives a 2008 Jeep Compass.

Previous address:
3125 Vail Pass Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80917

Possible current address:
2995 Mirage Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80920

Possible Number:

Social Media:

Joshua O'Leary can be seen in a picture posted by Matthew Heimbach of the Golden State Skinhead crew right before the rally in Sacramento.

He can also be seen on William's facebook doing a sieg heil salute in front of some demonstrators advocating for religious tolerance.

Joshua O'Leary and his wife Kassandra live in Colorado Springs. He spent some time in prison in 2013-2014, perhaps even longer.

Possible Number:

Wife's Facebook:

Stay tuned sports fans!  We'll be out with an article about Shane "Choppy" McCampbell soon, but first we'd like to thank him for his negligent drunk revelations about William Scott Planer. We couldn'ta done it without ya Choppy! :)


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    1. As a jewwhos grandparents died in the holocaust all nazis can go to hell

  2. Get your facts straight next time. I am available for an interview anytime as well.

  3. You guys are complete fucking idiots with probably nothing higher than a middle school education. Get a fucking life. How dare you put up people's personal information like this. This is Sean's black and Native American fiancé commenting by the way. If any of you fuckers do anything to harm my roommates I will report you useless fucks to the cops for a hate crime.

    1. Yeah,sure. How convenient. You *just happen* to be the multi-racial,person of color, significant other of a well known white supremacist. Yeah, sounds pretty legit.

    2. Go say some smart nosey words eye to eye with these upstanding folk. I tell ya , and I bet ya, you won't post your address and phone number, and if you do , what is your gripe ? That you have some fucked up facts in your head to believe are fact and that you actually are a very weird stalker. If you have things to dispute , settle it like a man not behind your keyboard. Ignorant penis tucking fool! Cheers happy holidays !! Haha

  4. Fuck yall for targeting people you don't know. Choppy has been my close friend for over a decade. When we lived together we lived with Mexicans and my Jewish friend and he showed nothing but respect for everyone except those who attacked him or his friends and family.

    1. he has a fucking swastika tatooed on him...i take it as disrespect

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  6. When does my article come out.. I'm excited!!!

  7. Flyer on my door today has a picture of William Planer and Shane McCampbell, warning that they live in my neighborhood. Flyer says 1415 Ogden St., door of that location has graffiti stating "Anti-antifa".

  8. Flyer on my door today has a picture of William Planer and Shane McCampbell, warning that they live in my neighborhood. Flyer says 1415 Ogden St., door of that location has graffiti stating "Anti-antifa".

  9. It's upsetting that misogynist neo-Nazis feel comfortable operating out in the open these days.

    I hope they get theirs.