Thursday, September 1, 2011

Introducing Arvada's Neo-Nazi Power Couple!

Antifa square off against B&H last Sept.

This newest post comes to us from our comrades in Westminster and Boulder...

After a confrontation last September (more about that later), we have been keeping tabs on several Nazis, particularly Blood & Honour Colorado members... Oh wait, ex-Blood & Honour Colorado members. We heard the group disbanded months ago, among a slew of other problems, because they just couldn't come to consensus about whether or not women should be allowed to become full-fledged members or remain in "supporter" roles. The evils of patriarchy do some good for once, apparently.
Rob Clement (center) at Chatfield, September 2010, rocking that "always-timeless" West Coast Choppers greaser look

Janette probably surfing Stormfront
A pair that really grossed us out are Rob and Janette Clement, or as we've fondly nicknamed them "Robnette, the Arvada Neo-Nazi Power Couple." According to some of Rob's posts on Stormfront, a popular web forum for white supremacists and other pieces of shit, the couple have "two beautiful white daughters" and live in Arvada, a suburb outside Denver. Area antifascists report encountering the two at a White Nationalist Coalition recruitment BBQ-turned-antifa-disruption last September at Chatfield Lake, before the official inception of RMAF.

Oompa Loompa + Hubby HHing
Rob stuck out that day for reportedly wielding brass knuckles as the two sides faced off before the cops broke things up. Janette was pretty easy to remember as well, mostly because the chauvinistic Nazis paraded "their" women around as "trophies" as the two sides, mediated by cops at this point, taunted each other from afar.

Since then, we've seen Rob and Janette out on the town quite a bit! It's hard not to spot a dude pushing six feet tall with Nazi face tattoos; and since his wife is easily one of the most spray-tanned orange people outside of the Jersey Shore, all you have to do to find her is follow the moth horde that keeps flying into her splendid radiance.

They drive a lovely late model bluish-gray Volkswagon (no shit!? who knew!?) Jetta with Wyoming license plates. Did you want the plate number? Sure! 26981. Would you like some pictures? How about two?
A recent photo of Rob and Janette's Jetta, courtasy of Westminster Antifa's clandestine SuperSpy Division
Photo taken by Antifa during the Chatfield confrontation

These people had children. Seriously.
Rob and Janette (aka "ProudWhiteGirlCO" on Stormfront) also run DRP Industries or "Defenders of Racial Purity", a neo-nazi merchandise distributor. Send strongly worded letters of condemnation here:

Blood and Honour USA
PO Box 746094
Arvada, CO 80006

The lovely couple, typically sporting B&H shirts when we see them (we have reason to believe Rob has one for every day of the week), lives in an apartment complex right across the street from Arvada West High School. I wonder if Rob picked the place for recruiting reasons! If you'd like to send Rob and Janette a tasteful antifascist Christmas card or perhaps a gallon of gorilla shit, here is their home address (as of 6/8/11):

 Rob and Janette Clement
11626 West 62nd Place Unit #62
Arvada, CO 80004

We'd like to add that their supercute little Jetta sits in a covered and locked row of parking units, in case anyone was thinking of leaving a bouquet of flowers or a nice note for the happy couple. We'll bet that shit-for-brains racist Rob is checking how much time is left on his lease right now! Change those Wyoming plates, fuck-o, you're in Colorado now!

Also interesting is the proximity of their house to a string of neo-nazi graffiti other comrades reported they covered up. It's only about a quarter-mile! Coincidence? Probably fucking not, efforts at removing stickers and other fascist propoganda in the neighborhood indicate it leads right back to DRP Industries, Rob and Janette's chickenshit nazi "distribution company."

For all of our fascist readers, and we know you're here: We will find you and expose you. Your neighbors will know. Your workplaces will know. Antifa everywhere will know. Try and organize in public and we will be right there to confront you. We know who plenty of you are and we know where plenty of you live. If any of you are feeling jealous about all the tabloid time we gave Robnette, don't worry, you'll be next soon.

We are everywhere. We sure as fuck aren't pacifists. We will not give you our neighborhoods or our streets. Expect us.


  1. DRP industries? REALLY? That sounds like "DERP", the new equivalent to "Duuuuuh." How appropriate.

  2. Out of pure curiosity, where exactly would one obtain a 'gallon of gorilla shit'? I mean, it's not as if the stuff grows on trees. That being said, feel free to dump gorilla or any other suitable critter poop all over dear little Robbie. In fact, I feel strongly that if you kids were worth your salt, you might consider actually removing ol' Rob from his tiresome burden of continued breathing! In fact, I encourage it. Now get to it commies! chop chop! I mean really now; are you guys so tough that you can sneak up and take pictures of Jannette's car (which I might add belongs to her 'sugar daddy in Wisconsin....) and in the midst of your photographic expeditions you are unable to shoot ol' Rob in the goat-pleaser? Think how cool you'll be! Think of how all the little dirty commie chicks will get all sticky thinking about your tough guy commie exploits. C'mon kids, do Blood & Honour USA this one little favor. hahaha.


    Blood & Honour USA/Combat 18

  3. Wow little jon this guy is so dumb he doesnt even realize how weak this shows himself me its just fucking funny now trying to call shots on u guys his pretend enemy well thats just what he wants people to think.this guy is the biggest fraud next to bryan hazlip both have huge skelotons u all will find entertaining. Jon here had his covers pulled and was told to send his patch in one for making sexual remarks to a teen girl he was tattoeing well scatching on lets not insult any of our real tattoo artist he solicited this very young lady for sex in exchange for a really shitty tattoo this was told to us by his so called friend bryan who also is big shot calla for 28 usa now this guy has really fooled these idiots which is not hard there about as clever as a piece of lint u pick from your belly button.bryan aka tripple x plays in a band named one life crew which if u dont know one of the worse straight edge bands ever well these yo boys dressed worse then a white kid from malibu fronting as a gangsta sing songs there forefather wrote ian stuart and change the racist lyrics to anti wow well someone i think who is reping a group ian started and is singing songs like this talking and looking black not to mention other members in band are jews and blacks would be hung for treason against all they believe i mean damn really???
    Back to jon did some searching which was not hard we asked if anyone knew him. Lots of responses from myspace by lotso f gays on there best friend is a black t.v. and he does a quote from his favorite rapper and victim of aids eazy e huh very strange.then find out was in a gang which was founded on a protective custody yard named he heads up the g18 unit ya g u got it.joined cause was sick of being raped by the is where he got name little jon not why u may think but cause his "0" ring was so large not a stich or a staple could hold mud any more in the little guys chikes so as all weak people who come to prison do bitched up and kited out of his daddy at new cell house set him up with new daddy which was bad guy wasnt real attracted to jon he has nice clean cut shave on his face but thats where the problem is he didnt have a good gene pool in fact if he was in nazi germany back in the day u might hear him say oi eeeee vay as the door on the cattle car closed also he had a little more cut in him hes a half ginny so he claims which as we all know what the means so i dont even need to say anymore on in short this guy scares no one has no power in 28 usa only shot he calls is at gash picinics on which brand of footlongs they get.haha real quick hes now a mule for gay mex.mafia his new dad lost him in a game of go fish they didnt even want him said he had to much of that chongo seamen packed up in dem blown out chikes.boy cant hold mud no one wants that ya know.
    I give it to bryan tho its funny he is actually really smart and in the group he heads he is like bill this dude dangles this other life he leads right in front of them but none of them are smart enough to see it its fucking genious i really hope he is one of u or a cop and has infultraited them at the highest level as a joke just to see u know what i mean? Lolz well ha really check my facts out u will get a laugh.for jon boy we invite u to colorado we
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