Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dickweed Nate Marshall Makes the News Again - Threatening Jefferson County Recall Activists

Edit: Tough guy already blocked us on Twitter. We hope the coroner wraps up a cirrhosis case by the end of the day or that his meth sores develop MRSA and an ill-trained nurse is forced to behead him in hospice care. Nate, I will dance for weeks and empty my bowels onto your grave until my colon ceases to produce any kind of matter. I hope you're hit by a train. Sincerely I hope it.

Our favorite cuckold for public embarrassment has once again made the news and been forced to issue an apology after stating that anyone attempting to recall racist, history revisionist white-washing school board members in Jefferson County should be executed. He is currently under investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department. Nate, as some of you know, was forced to cease his quest for a state congressional seat after it was revealed that he attempted to start an armed cell of white supremacists that was exposed by local antifascists.

Nate's apology to school board activists indicated that he has been abusing alcohol and is suffering from an undisclosed illness. Hopefully he pops a couple back at his favorite haunt, the Bout Time Pub & Grill and wraps himself around a telephone pole on the way home. Whatever disease you have, Nate, we hope it ravages your mind and body and you die slowly. Just eat a bullet for dinner next time, tough guy, like your hero.

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