Monday, August 6, 2012

Alleged Wisconsin Sikh Massacre Perpetrator Had White Supremacist, Colorado Ties

Wade Michael Page
The Denver Post is reporting that 40 year old Wade Michael Page, accused of shooting multiple people at a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee this weekend, was born in Colorado and lived here for some years. Page played in two racist skinhead bands End Apathy and Definite Hate and was active on Stormfront, a massive web forum for white nationalists.

Page was heavily tattooed in typical Nazi and fascist fashion and appears to have typically shaved his head. He first came onto the radar of the Southern Poverty Law Center when he attempted to buy unknown materials from the National Alliance, a hate group led by William Pierce. Pierce authored "The Turner Diaries", a work of fiction describing how a small number of determined fascists could begin a race war. The book went on to inspire Timothy McVeigh.

The absolutely reprehensible massacre at the Sikh temple comes at a time where that has been a rise in organized racist terrorism. In March 2010, anti-racist activist Luke Querner was ambushed and shot in Portland, OR in what is heavily suspected as an attack by fascists. April 6th of the same year, an ARA and SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) member's house was bombed in what is also suspected as an attack by neo-Nazis. A member of the National Alliance was convicted of attempting to set off a bomb during the MLK Parade in Spokane, WA in 2011. 10 neo-Nazis of the "American Front" training for a "race war" were arrested this year in Florida, not to mention the promises of patrols in Sanford from the National Socialist Movement in response to unrest stemming from the Trayvon Martin murder. It's hard not to forget JT Ready, another prominent figure in the white nationalist movement, who killed several members of his family including small children before killing himself in Arizona just a few months ago. It goes without saying that in several other countries, street-level fascist terrorism and lone wolf attacks are also on the rise.

It's against this backdrop of rising violence, Rocky Mountain Antifascists stands behind people like the Tinley Park 5 (accused of assaulting and trashing a white nationalist gathering outside of Chicago), the antifa in Arizona that made the NSM march a few years back a living hell for both the fascists in the police department and those in the streets. The countless comrades every year that face the danger of bringing the fight against fascism to the jaws and ribcages of those who perpetuate it attack to stop incidents like the Sikh temple massacre at its source: the ideological echo chambers of white nationalist scenes, protest actions and the blinding propaganda factories of their literature and music.

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