Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Alex Beck: The Irrelevant Turd-Waffle Behind Fascist Honeypot "Antifascism.org"

If you're outside of antifa circles, you may not have noticed that, after Trump's inauguration, the far-right began making honeypot websites in a pathetic attempt to doxx antifascists. One such website that garnered attention was "antifascism.org," created by Denver-area nobody Alex Beck. We want to make it clear from the start that Beck has very little of interest to say in regards to pretty much anything. Though he likes to throw around slurs and conduct strange racist demonstrations, his incoherent "libertarian" politics are completely beside the point to us. Antifascists are interested in Alex Beck because he is attempting to track us and our allies and, in doing so, is aiding fascists.

In an article written for Campus Reform, a publication that hired a vocal supporter of a neo-Nazi gang member who burned down a historic Black church as a "journalist," Alex Beck claimed that Antifa painted a Valentine's Day love note on the side of his father's company vehicle.

In the article, Beck claims “Numerous groups and individuals have alleged that I setup antifascism.org as a honeypot to collect ANTIFA information. All of the claims are false ... Truth be told, I didn't even have the means to do this ..." If this were the case we wonder if he could explain this script in antifascism.org's source code that appears to be tracking users:

The code appears to relay information to Google Analytics and Survey Monkey. While Beck may not be able to retrieve the IP addresses of his website's visitors using this software, he can likely retrieve somewhat useful information for doxxing. This probably includes the visitor's internet service provider, approximate location, and possibly even social media information.

For this reason, we encourage everyone to avoid visiting this website altogether. However, if you must, some precautions can help. Use Tor Browser, and make sure you are not logged into any social media on your computer at the time. (A VPN with the same social media precautions will also likely thwart Beck from being able to find out much useful information.) Using Privacy Badger, a tool provided by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, also helps to block trackers like Google Analytics and Survey Monkey.

Currently, this site is basically just a link to another site where Beck complains about antifa with a script running trackers in the background, so we really don't see much of a reason to visit at all. Beck has also recently met with equally-irrelevant shitlord Ivan Throne, a "Men's Rights Activist" who promotes psychopathy and claims to be "more Nazi than [Richard] Spencer." Well Beck, we've been about twenty steps ahead of you this whole time, but if you aren't "done playing," we're happy to make sure you quit playing.

Alex Beck Info:

Email: abeck001@regis.edu
Phone: 720.301.2784 (possibly changed)
Religion: Catholic
Organization: Young Americans for Liberty, Regis University

Current Residence:
    O'Connell Hall, Regis University
    3333 Regis Blvd (50th Ave), Denver, CO 80221

Permanent addresses (family has two):
    14432 W Center Dr, Lakewood, CO 80228
    505 Church St, Eagle, CO 81631

Previous Address:
    2577 S Coors St, Lakewood, CO 80228

Social Media:

Websites (we strongly discourage visiting):
To Alex:

We hope your life gets significantly harder and lonelier as you descend into the alt-right pit, you pathetic fuck. "Free speech" doesn't mean living without consequences for your words and actions. If you're fighting on the same side as Nazis, you don't get to pretend like you're on the side of liberty. Why don't you do everyone a favor and fuck off already?

"Act like a Nazi, get punched like a Nazi!"
-Rocky Mountain Antifa


  1. This is some moronic shit, and I feel dumber for having read it... and I don't even agree with pretty much anything Alex does rotfl.

  2. Part of being anti-fascist is accepting not everyone will agree with you on all issues, and that's ok. He is pointing out the irony that antifa is intolerant to viewpoints they do not agree with or even take the time to research what they are disagreeing with. What is acting like a nazi entail exactly? Punching "Nazis" reminds me a lot of burning "witches", history is bound to repeat itself if we do not learn from our mistakes. When they go low, we go high... right?

  3. Act like a child, get treated like a child, you little coddled fucking baby. You aren't fighting nazis. You aren't fighting fascism. You're fighting the reality that YOU HAVE TO LEAVE MOMMY AND DADDY'S AND START SUPPORTING YOURSELF LITTLE BOY. NO EPIC TANTRUM WILL CHANGE THAT FACT, LITTLE BOY.


    There are no nazis, you entitled little white boy. You offend every Jewish person on this planet when you make light of nazis to have your little playtime tantrum.

    Get a fucking job. Focus your energy on losing your virginity and hitting puberty without embarrassing your family and country.

    Hide your face, child. Hide it well. You should be ashamed of yourself.


    If you have ANY function in your little cocktail shrimp of a dick, get laid, pipsqueak.

    1. Hahaha! I think I love you. :) This article was, truly, one of the most mind numbingly stupid things I've ever had the misfortune of reading. These are spoiled cry babies who don't bother to research the facts surrounding an issue. They just run with whatever regurgitated soundbite or made up statistic best suits the victim/oppressed narrative bouncing around in their immature heads. They preach tolerance and inclusivity, while simultaneously assassinating innocent peoples' character and spewing rancid “hate speech” left and right. Yet in the ultimate display of hypocrisy they can't handle it if someone so much as dares to peacefully exercise a differing opinion.

      Oh wait, silly me, that makes them a Nazi... right? Opposing viewpoints automatically mean someone is a vile, evil, repugnant rapist/privileged/capitalistic pig. No need to ask questions or view them as a human being with autonomous rights to free thought.

      The best part is that these “antifascists” are the most fascist, racist, intolerant, and often violent people around. They invariably never get the irony that they're demonstrating the very behavior they're supposedly protesting. They don't get how much mature, decent people laugh at them and their painfully basic lack of common sense. Grow up buttercup! Maybe focus that illogical rage and useless $40k feminist studies degree on, oh... I don't know... a REAL issue, facing the REAL world, that exists in REALITY. Just an idea.

      In the meantime I agree, go get laid. Might loosen up that stick you have firmly lodged between your nether cheeks.